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  • None of them are very good, to be honest; you removed all the shading and didn't recolor the outlines, both beginner mistakes. :/ Additionally, the colors look like the default colors in Paint, which are too bright to be used for any sort of spriting. The one that looks best despite this is the white one, but that doesn't make it good, unfortunately; it just means that white happens to go reasonably well with Milotic's original colors. The worst is probably the fuchsia pink one, which aside from the color being too bright doesn't contrast enough with Milotic's red bits and thus looks really awkward. Although the black one is also a contender, mostly because it makes it so painfully obvious that the outlines are still the same and now lighter than the actual body.
    Hi there. What's the reason to your friend invitation? I thought you didn't like me xD. Well, I hope we can have a nice friendship, I guess.
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