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  • [You have a point, but oh well. At least Holland didn't make it to the final match, which is super gruesome right now...

    I wouldn't get a piñata. When I celebrate my next birthday, it'll be at a bar/club, as that's what I'm used to. Piñatas are good only to a certain point, like before age 10. I don't see the Robben piñata craze living long enough to when I have kids. It's way too soon for me to have any...]
    [No problem.

    Well, technically Holland isn't out. They're still gonna play for 3rd place, which I'm hoping Brazil will do. They need a way to turn themselves around after that brutal match against Germany. Robben was the one to blame for Mexico getting disqualified in that match, that's why I was upset that Robben scored when he did. In fact, the whole Robben flop is so terrible here in Mexico, that it's made a meme and a hashtag. Plus, they've even made piñatas of Robben falling over for kids to hit at birthday parties. It's no joke, I saw a picture of one just a few days ago.]
    [Because it's pairing opposites with opposites, but like I said, if she wanted it that way, I'm not gonna make you change it. It's a difficult perspective to describe.

    I know! I'm mostly just one of those angry Mexicans who's ecstatic to see them fall after seeing them mostly cheat their way through the World Cup. I was a little pissed that Robben scored, but happy that they didn't make it all together.]
    What do you think of her?
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