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  • [Can't we just IM???? I don't like talking either. ;-;

    It's really nice. It has a touch screen. I'm going to download Paint Tool SAI, and intall my tablet. As well as gather up my fanfics from my old PC. :3

    Everything. My bby is being molested because of it.

    YeAH I WILL. I've been doing HW. I got my stats done.]
    Eh don't know,. Maybe its too cliche of an answer but i would likely be trainer striving to become champion. For travel companions i would likely travel with my friends from real life or in case they don't want alone, being loner lol. It has its advantages supposedly.

    Starting point would maybe be either somewhere at Orange islands liking tropical environment or maybe Sinnoh and Crown town liking its architecture and surrounding.
    Signature pokemon not sure. But i would like to have this 6 in team. Like Alakazam, Torterra, Starmie, Tyrantrum, Buizel and Typholsion.

    All of your picks look very, very nice and i can bet you and your girlfriend would have one hell of a time filled with exciting journey, cool battles, opportunity to meet many interesting people and places being very evoking and priceless experience. :)
    [ Okay.

    That was interesting.


    That is true.

    I know, and the background/behind the scenes reason for Shadow playing Angry Birds was just to give him something to do when he was bored.



    You know I will dislike those factory-altered scumbags for eternity. :p
    [I don't like video chatting. And I don't video chat. But if you want, we can IM.

    I got a new laptop!!

    Let's get off the topic of crossdressing, shall we???

    Yeah you can remind me lol :p]
    [ I know it is. XD

    I actually have a wide variety of desirable themes for that.

    Oh, yes it was.

    That was one of the redeeming traits of 4Ever, giving Professor Oak more of backstory.

    It was moderately enjoyable, although I read a story with something identical to that last night. XD

    I thought it was kinda funny, especially since I heard that song before.

    In my opinion, it was nice. And there's no reason to feel bad about it, because I did something like that with one of my stories (i.e. Shadow the Hedgehog playing Angry Birds in Facade).

    One of the best parts of this fanfic. XD

    This seems pretty in-character for the three of them, especially for Lily and Violet. I agree with this mainly for humor reasons, but it's also nice to see Dorian and Misty getting what they desire.

    I honestly expected Daisy to put up a huge fight to keep Misty from leaving.]
    [ The whole thing isn't real to begin with, so that could be one of the reasons.


    Still am, I like the reference to the plot twist in the fourth movie.]
    [ "Beauty trainer Premier, who owns Fairy-type Pokemon Sylveon, challenges Ash on Pokemon Battle!
    Not only that, if he loses, he has to go out with her! What are you gonna do… Serena!?"
    < this was written in the offical Pokemon website. I can't believe the way they're pushing this shipping ]
    It's complicated..
    And kinda, I have a lot of work this week too I can just come on my phone here and there
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