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  • I think it just depends on how you raise one.

    I don't like giving away my Skype unless I personally do know the person. I only use it once a week anyway when I talk with a friend from high school. Well... technically it's not talking, but it's still a conversation because that's how we record our podcast is through Skype.
    [ For some reason, that reminds me of our jokes about the XY cast. XD

    That might actually do more harm than good regarding the readers.]
    [ A Family Guy episode, the part after Peter realizes Lois lied to him.

    PokeShipping isn't going to be an element.]
    [ That's prefect :) and good for you ^^
    Hmmm.. I don't feel comfortable at all sorry :( ]
    [ That's cute <3
    okay but you misunderstood me :p
    and because its not the color of the season ]
    We saw the sisters giving away Badges like that during AG cameos only

    Give me the scene where they are giving away badges? Daisy only gave 1 and of course Lilly & Violet were absent.

    Misty might've never expected that when going away to see Ash in AG.
    Wrong... in her first AG cameo she told the gang how irresponsible her sisters are, and how she has to do everything herself! if that's not a sign of knowing, idk what is.

    I'm afraid that after seeing her sisters did that, that she wouldn't take the risk of leaving the Gym with her sisters being there for a few days anymore, sadly.
    Misty hasn't seen "anything" if so provide the evidence.

    Misty knows they hand out Badges for free...

    Yes, but she would never permit them to do it in front of her. If they do it without Misty knowing, oh well, what she won't know, won't hurt her.

    she can easily give away Badges for free, because she's at the Gym often, and if Misty would leave for a few days, Daisy would probably do that. It's sad
    Not if Misty tells her the Gym wil be CLOSED for 2-3 days. Or even 1 day depending if there's anything worth her time nearby. ]
    Pidgeot's cool, I like it. I'm sure there are much better Flying-types, though, but Pidgeot does the job pretty well, so I'm happy with one.

    Might as well resend it, just with two links this time. Make sure they're the more recent pictures, though. I won't be able to look at it until later this afternoon, I'm about to leave for a few hours in a few minutes here.

    I do, but I don't give it away.
    Yeah, the .gif's pretty cool. I think in the original episode, it was zoomed out first before it settled on a still frame with glowing speed lines.
    Heh, that's pretty cute ^.^ thanks!

    I enjoyed our chat too c: How would Tuesday at 6 again (when I get off work) be for you? I'm out all day tomorrow and I don't think it will be possible today because my family has plans...

    Ha, that's cool XD makes sense! She does have a pretty well developed figure for a ten year old :p and whoooa at that Dawn screenshot! If the Pokemon people don't want to look like perverts, they should probably consider making the girls older than ten years old :p after all, even Brock never hit on May, Dawn, Iris or Serena!

    I finished your fic ^^ we can talk about it in PM or Skype sometime if you like!
    It hurt me a lot :( When the beat us 1-2 in the Clasico that all but confirmed the destination of the title, tears had welled up in my eyes :/
    [ you gotta do what she wants ;) ahahaa
    Well if I put ":p" "lol" it means that I'm kidding :p
    Anyways gotta go to the mall to look for some nice shoes :3 bye! ]
    [ hahah that's funny actually :p
    LOL I'm KIDDING :) you take what I say way too seriously !! ]
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