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  • [ Wattson broke the collector's addition Wii that Mew had, and the servants didn't fix Mew's cake the way he wanted it. As for the Nurse Joy, she took her break a minute earlier than Mew desired.

    Now. XD
    [ I don't know. It was a misunderstanding. Serena thought that Premier wants Ash, but she doesn't ]
    [ I'll get mad :p
    btw .. Serena got jealous from Premier. Jealousy is a Misty trait! and they're doing the same with Serema ;\ ]
    [Finished 3, on 4.
    I liked the character of Terry, don't think much of Theresa, though.
    I didn't expect Tracey to get much backstory, this is a pleasant surprise.]
    [Sorry I haven't answered. I've been getting sidetracked while typing up the PM, and I kept losing my progress...I'll have something soon.]
    I'm just sitting here laughing like an idiot watching that gif over and over again XD old!Gary was best Gary.

    And yep, I won't forget! See you at 6 ^.^ (i need to tidy my room, lol)
    Oh, I was just like....what question. xD Um, Idk, I don't like talking about myself, it always ends up sounding way too arrogant yet depressing at the same time.
    Yeah lol.
    You'll have to wait and see.
    Well it won't be like she'll be alone for a lot of chapters since both Cheren and Bianca turn up a lot.]
    I have a pickachu, togepi, froakie, SQUIRTLE, and poly whirl. I also have some pokemon figurines too.
    Yeah, I don't get it either. I remember advances hopping only started because of that old couple who kept asking if they were together. Bs.
    Yeah it's kinda weird. I love mistys OS outfit. And I think if she were to ever return they would keep her OS outfit due to the back in ash's fantasy of all his friends she was wearing her OS outfit and in the end of let's join hands she was wearing her old outfit.
    [ - Yep, and Ash was brought back from the dead also.
    - He sends people to jail when they don't do what he wants, and he didn't let Mewtwo join him in an important fight because Mewtwo didn't comment on a youtube video. In other words, he's very spoiled.

    [ - Courtesy of Ho-Oh.
    - This Mew is a relatively flawed character, it's not the meanest thing he's done.

    And you will have my thanks.

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