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  • [ Sorry... You should've just told me that and explained it, I totally understand. I just think such an introduction is a good way to start talking, and to see if there are any circumstances I need to know about and keep in mind, like religion and political preference. As I said, I won't say too many left-winged things to a right-winged person, and I try to avoid things that go against religion when talking to a Christian, for example.

    Do you think it's weird, my Butterfree trauma? ]
    [ For me, it was traumatizing... I got into Pokemon thanks to the anime episode "Challenge of the Samurai", the first one I ever saw, in 1999. I was five years old back then and took a huge liking to Butterfree. And when I saw Butterfree's goodbye, I got traumatized. Now, every time I see a Butterfree, hear the name, think about it, type its name or hear the music during the goodbye moment, I get all teary-eyed, or even burst out into crying. It traumatized me... I know most people see that as pathetic... I think I wouldn't be so traumatized if I would've seen for the first time at a later age, but for a five year old, such a goodbye can be traumatic...

    That's good. Why didn't you say the introduction made you uncomfortable right away? ]
    [ And did you cry when Butterfree got released?

    Do you at least somewhat like talking to me now? Is this better than the gifs? ]
    [ What other butterflies? Vivillion, Beautifly or both?

    Do you like Ash's Bayleef? I don't know how much of Johto you've seen, so it's hard to ask. ]
    [ I see. Mine aren't. This is how my favourite Pokemon went:
    - When I just got into Pokemon: Butterfree.
    - When I just knew all Kanto ones: Dragonair.
    - From Johto's start: Bayleef.
    - From early Hoenn, still current favourite: Milotic.

    Do you like those Pokemon? ]
    [ Misty loving Ash is pretty obvious. When Ash gushed over Giselle (Kanto filler) and Melody (Lugia movie), Misty got jealous and angry. Even when girls were interested in Ash while Ash wasn't interested in them, Misty freaked out.

    Yay, Celebi is so cute! And Lugia, Lapras and Sylveon too!

    What's your favourite type? Mine is Water. ]
    [ That episode with Tentacruel is also nice. And I love the Lugia movie as well. In that movie, what did you think of how Melody confronted Misty with her feelings for Ash all the time?

    What's your Pokemon top 10?

    Here's mine:
    1. Milotic
    2. Bayleef
    3. Dragonair
    4. Altaria
    5. Absol
    6. Butterfree
    7. Celebi
    8. Suicune
    9. Lapras
    10. Togetic ]
    [ Aww...

    How did you get into Pokemon?

    I saw the anime episode "Challenge of the Samurai" in 1999, when I was 5 years old. The anime started airing that year in the Netherlands. ]
    [ Oh, sorry... Anyways, do you like Misty as a character?

    Did your ex like Pokemon a lot? And are you truly fanatic about it like my girlfriend and me? ]
    [ Thanks! Do you like PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)?

    Well, you need to actively look for things to talk about. Whether it's sexy or cute small talk or deeper discussions. One of the things for me is my fanfiction and fanart, she and I can talk about that nicely. And of course my drawings with her. And she and I are both total Pokemon freaks, and can talk about that a lot.

    Thanks! ]
    [ - http://marvelscalemilotic.deviantart.com/art/The-Bridge-Bike-Gang-353504103
    Inspired by Kanto episode "The Bridge Bike Gang", I tried making Ash and Misty a biker gang. Some female friends of mine here think Ash looks hot in that outfit... xD
    - http://marvelscalemilotic.deviantart.com/art/Moonlight-399728987
    Ash and Misty as a 25 year old couple, having a romantic moment just after marriage, this is inspired by the ending of my 42-chaptered PokeShipping journey fic.
    - http://marvelscalemilotic.deviantart.com/art/Sunshine-405519552
    Ash and Misty as 16/17 year olds at the beach, Ash blushes while staring at Misty's cleavage. Yeah, Ash loves seeing Misty with her black bikini on!
    - http://marvelscalemilotic.deviantart.com/art/Happy-birthday-Nicole-416645183
    A drawing I did for a friend on DeviantArt: I drew her riding a Gyarados.

    Well, I also thought I'd never get a girlfriend, but as I said, she and I just trusted each other immediately, and fell for each other. Anyways, what she and I do: just talk, she and I have feelings for each other. And to keep some intimacy there, she and I just talk sexy. Nothing super sexual, more about cute/sexy/romantic fantasies. Example: shirtless/topless hug. Not sexual, but still sexy/intimate, doing that at night outside at a beach or in a forest is a romantic fantasy of her and me. Then, she and I talk about fun places in the Pokemon world to do the sexy hug. That kind of thing can keep the intimate needs alive. What you are supposed to do in an internet relationship: talk, and just loving each other, and eventually meet in real life if that's possible.

    Something I also do is doing drawings of my girlfriend and me, in Pokemon anime style. Do you think that's cute?

    Well, you can't get along with everyone, and that's normal. There are just people you don't "click" with, but then, it's better to avoid them instead of bother them. ]
    [ Would you like to see some fanart of mine?

    That's so sad... How long were you two together? And did you ever have a relationship on this forum?

    I met my girlfriend on this forum, she and I started talking and immediately started trusting each other, even with personal things, and that while I normally never trust people. I just felt safe around her and fell in love with her, for her personality, she didn't show me a picture of herself yet. And she also fell for my personality without seeing a photo of me. Later, she and I exchanged pics, she and I also see each other as very cute and very hot/sexy. On 30 January 2013, I finally confessed my feelings, and she told me she loves me back and agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend: the happiest day of my life. I always thought I'd never get a girlfriend, because I'm skinny and not muscular, most girls like muscle tone for guys, and of course my Aspergers and Pokemon obsession are also not attractive for a girl. But my girlfriend doens't mind my lack of muscle tone, and she's also a Pokemon-freak. She and I didn't meet in real life yet because of distance, she lives in Australia and I live in the Netherlands, but the intention is definitely there, the relationship is serious and the love is real.

    I'm afraid of things too, think about dogs, Heights, bees... Anyways, I'm fine with people disagreeing, but if they don't take me seriously and think they're better than me because of their opinions, it does piss me off. I despise myself, I think most people are better than me, but I hate arrogance, and people shouldn't be judging each other for their opinions. Why can't people just disagree, but still accept each other's opinion? ]
    [ And do you like fanart or fanfiction?

    Currently? Did you ever have a boyfriend?

    Okay then, I'm an atheist too, so that's convenient.

    I try that too, we seem to have similar qualities. What are your flaws? My biggest ones are stubbornness, oversensitivity, extreme unselfishness and not being able to stand up against people when I'm scared of them. ]
    [ Would you like it if Brock would flirt with you? xD

    If Brock would flirt with my girlfriend, I'd freak out, but I wouldn't be violent, I'm way too much pacifist for that.

    I don't think the anime will be what we'd mostly talk about, so could you tell me a bit about yourself about things you are comfortable with? Maybe your real first name could be uncomfortable, but I don't think telling something like your hobbies should be a problem.

    The reason why I like knowing someone's religion is to prefend offending them. I'm an atheist myself, I'd never deliberately offend someone, but if I know someone's religion, it helps to prevent accidentally offending people. And why I asked for political preference was similar: I shouldn't be stating my left-winged opinions in an outspoken way if someone is right-winged. That's also one of the reasons why I like getting to know friends on here better: I want to prevent offending them, and it's a good way to see what kind of things I can talk about to that person. Sorry for making you so uncomfortable with that first VM, I hope you understand why I did it now. ]
    [ I understand. I love Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto and the first five movies. Then, it went downhill quickly. Hoenn was decent, watching Sinnoh was sadomasochism and Unova isn't much better... I don't want to judge Kalos yet, but I'd say it's not good so far... And the newer movies are so lame!

    The issue: back when the anime was still good, there was humour, emotion and creativity. Later, the writers started to follow the games more and got less creative, thanks to blatant commercialism... Some people act like it's just nostalgia, but it's not, I have plenty of different reasons...

    What characters do you like? I'm a Misty fan. ]
    [ Sorry, I didn't want to make you uncomfortable, I just told you a bit about myself to start talking... Is there anything you'd like to talk about? Maybe you could fill in the things you're fine talking about and not say things you don't feel comfortable with?

    Maybe an idea: what do you think about the Pokemon anime, do you watch it? ]
    [ Aww, sorry... The first VM was meant to start talking after you accepting my friend request, and I thought the gifs were cool and I thought you might've liked them... ]
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