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  • Hi Aqua! It's me, RaichuArcanine from SHU and here xD sadly I can't get into my original account atm :( just wanted to send this after coming back to the forums. Hope you are well and gl on your hunts :)
    I am doing fine and yep I am breeding things still as well as shiny hunting I barely rng as much as I use to tbh because most people want more fancy things for vgc and stuff so I end up just breeding on my oras game instead but I do rng sometimes when things I want doesn't come out the way I want them XD glad your doing good though and see your still shiny hunting as well :3
    Hello again! Thank you, Yamask is pretty okay as shinies go; named her Amunet in the end. But I'd love to find that Sandile one day! If not on Black 2, on White 2. I like to use my shinies on my ingame teams ^^
    Good luck on your hunts too!
    Thank you! I was surprised by Cranidos and how different it looks on a DS than a computer screen. Best of luck to you and your hunts too!
    Thanks so much! And yes, I still need Palkia :) I'm glad my success could motivate you to continue after both our difficult Giratinas :p I hope your luck is as good as mine was for Dialga. And both of these have a 30 catch rate, so it might worth catching it in an Ultra/Dusk ball and keeping your masterball for any surprise shinies that risk fleeing/exploding. Paralysis and 1 Super Fang with an Ultra Ball would make it about a 25% catch which is pretty easy for a legendary.
    Welp, I can't type anything in the chatbox so I just wanted to let you know I'm heading off until I can get it fixed on my end.
    I decided to just include green. I also removed Bergmite, its yellow is less than 50%.

    Also, you missed the brown Entei, so I added it.

    To be honest, I surprised myself - I didn't need to check the Pokedex to see their colors, I remember them all.
    hmm......I'll check again tomorrow, but if most people think green should be included, then I'm fine with that.

    But can you please make a new list that exclude all the pink ones? :p
    Thank you very much, Aqua! Haha, I don't know where all this luck came from either. On two other games that I don't hunt on I got Pokerus this week too o_o.
    Good luck on your Route 37/38 hunt and your Heatran SR! Thank you very much for the congrats again!
    BAH! GOOD LUCK! On your Sudowoodo hunt. I'm at 9500 SRs for the damn thing lol. I haven't hunted it in about a week or so cause it got boring honestly lol. But ima kick it back up here soon :)
    Aww, glad I inspired you ^^ Good luck in your quest! I hope you get the shinies you want :D And thank you for the congrats and luck
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