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Nov 12, 2019
Aug 8, 2010
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None, leave me alone.

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Face Oblivion, from Johto

AquaRegisteel was last seen:
Nov 12, 2019
    1. Keovix
      Thank you very much for the congratulations, I agree the feeling when a shiny finally appears is amazing :)
      Best of luck with your upcoming hunts!
    2. Everlasting
      AWH YEAH! Congrats on the reclaimed Lillipup, Aqua! It looks awesome!
      On my side, reclaiming Tangela is not going so well. On phase 7 for it in the Friend Safari... >.<
      What will you hunt for next ? The Lake Trio, if I were to guess ? :)
    3. TheMaster327
      I'm on SA with Gustavo, if you want to join us...
    4. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      I'm glad you didn't, either, but I understand why you feel that way. I also feel like the vast majority of people in there don't even listen or read anything that other people post. It can be a little infuriating because everyone feels so disconnected and uninterested in what others say. I don't know, I don't expect everyone to respond to everyone else, because that's just plain impossible, but I hope you get what I mean.

      Oh, yeah, I read about your shiny Lillipup hunt. Patrat was a nice little surprise, but hopefully Lilli doesn't take too long.

      I've been looking at the GTS lately, and it's a cool place to see what some shiny Pokémon look like within the game. I might take a look at some Pokémon in there and see if anything jumps out at me, but I do have the goal of getting Ho-oh and Lugia sparkly eventually. I mean, I want Lugia, but I guess you need to get its counterpart, too, right?! And when I saw shiny Ho-oh on the GTS, I realised that it really does change appearance quite a lot. The orange and everything is really different!
    5. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Heya, Aqua! I know, I know. I can't believe it. I understand that the 1 in 8192 odds doesn't seem to mean much for my games lately. I mean, I hunt a lot so I understand that it's not as if I'm getting them all without putting some effort in, but that doesn't mean much to a computer game. They seem to be really working in my favour lately. I still can't get over the Groudon "hunt", if you can call it that. Amazing stuff!

      But thanks for the congrats ... and the VM! I appreciate it, mate!

      I reconsidered posting that post, too, by the way. I wasn't sure whether to post it all at once, add the photos, or post a few posts. I feel like things have changed a little in the shiny thread. I know a lot of them all, but there's a lot of new faces, too.

      How are you going, anyway?
    6. Everlasting
      Those two are classic yet beautiful shiny Ghost type so I'm not surprised! I prefer Drifloon over Spiritomb though. I think Drifloon's not that much hunted, especially soft resetted for so I,d be definitely original to get yours in that game. I'm cheering you on all the way whatever you decide to hunt for! :)

      You already have an idea of the many hunts you wanna do in the future, wow. I think that's great! I've never been found of the Lake trio's shiny colors to be honest. The gold just doesn't fit or seem right with their colors. It's not a great mix, if you know what I mean. But good luck, it takes some patience to get them all three, but with your recent hunt for Giratina, I'm not expecting you to give up. :p
      EDIT: Pictures of Soul (changed her nickname, didn't like Blueberry) up on the thread!
    7. Everlasting
      I needed that luck in quite a while; I got two shiny Quilladin in the safari (2 within like 50 encounters, I think ?) which I do not consider as very valuable shinies and Kyogre came yesterday. That was actually my count for the 2014 year at the moment. I was expecting Gastly in this batch because, with the relatively low MM odds in X and Y, it wasn't going to last long. Thank you, by the way. :)

      Oh, you wanna hunt a Ghost type ? Go for it! Which one do you plan on hunting ? I personally love Gengar's shiny color despite it being close to no difference at all from the original one. :3

      Well I would have needed your help if it ended up as a boy but, as you can see, I already had a name ready for a female, because I'm not too lucky with genders.
    8. Everlasting
      REALLY ? Awesome, way to go! :D I really like Patrat's blue eyes when shiny! Congrats!

      'berry'-ending names usually are quite feminine. I'm looking for something really dark and gore for a male. I think I'm going to name it "Soul". I love that word.
      I'm giving you all my luck so you can get your Lillipup! Good luck! :D
    9. Everlasting
      I'm in a 10 days school break! How can I burn myself up now ? :D Just kidding. I'm focusing on my Gastly hunt and nothing else. I was able to soft reset for Kyogre at the same time before, so overdoing is not a problem.

      The more you wait, the better is the shiny, regardless of what the stats and details are. I was so surprised to see it coming back quickly. Not even 24 hours before I lost one. That's insane. Guess Cosmo gave me luck. Thank you, my big old friend. <3

      Now on my reclaim list, there's only one left; Tangela. I will probably be breeding for it as well, but after I get Gastly and train my shinies. It will take some time but it's gonna be worth it. I'm especially envious to see Roserade, Kyogre, Latias and Glaceon fully EV trained. They are going to be fun to battle with. :)

      Speaking of Gastly, do you have any ideas of nicknames for a possible future male shiny Gengar ? I figured I'd call it Blueberry if it was a girl, but I don't have any idea of nicknames for a male (and especially since I would prefer it to be male).
    10. Everlasting
      Thanks a lot, Aqua! I wish it took you 2 months as well to get your shiny Giratina, I feel kinda tiny compared to your hunt, ahah ^^'
      I'm sooooooooo glad this hunt is finally over. I will now leave my Heart Gold game in the dust; there's nothing else I can do now. I can put all my efforts on X, now! :D
      Fourth generation shinies are the best. But seeing that nasty little whale in 3D is thrilling. Can't wait to train all my shinies and play with them in Wi-Fi. But before that, I need to get a shiny Gastly! :3
    11. Everlasting
      To be fair, I'm thrilled with my Master Ball now; my optimism has reached the limits! Now I'm totally assured that third time's the charm!
      I also tossed the other 998 Master Balls that came with it. It just makes it more official.
      As for no Master Balls, yeah... I waste them on the game legendary for no reason whatsoever. I will take the habitude not too, for the future games. :)
      Thank you for being so kind! I hope to find a shiny Kyogre not only to honor my cat but everyone who kept cheering me up. This shiny Kyogre will be my pride and joy!
      Hopefully it takes less than two months this time. I'm glad I have the patience to do that. It's gonna be a good quality later. :)
    12. Dangertrout
      I meant to respond to your message sooner, but forgot >.<
      At this point, I'd take a shiny Kricketot to get this thing started. I'm not sure how you all have the patience for these BQs, I'm only halfway to the odds and i'm getting tired of it.
      It's the longest I've ever stuck with a BQ though, which I suppose is progress.
      Will you be doing another BQ? or have you had enough of them for a while?
    13. ShinyMisty
      Oh my gosh~ I feel so amazing!! (You have no idea)

      I have a ways to go, being in the Ghost gym and this being my least favorite generation.
      Good luck. I really hope it isn't as long as Giratina!
    14. ShinyMisty
      ...I should train OLYMPIC! My Shiny Bronzon!! OoO!! That would be GREAT!!
      Thank-you kindly...now I have to PLAY the game...I really don't like Platinum!!
    15. ShinyMisty
      Thank-you very kindly. *bows*
      Yeah...I'm going to go for Mesprit last, considering It is the most annoying. HOWEVER, You can re-stalk on Balls, too, where as the other two has that risk of running out of Pokeballs.
      I'll be saving ALL my money towards Quick, Timer, and Dusk balls, holding the Master Ball for if I run clean out.
      What Pokemon should I train to put them to sleep or what not?
    16. Cpchris
      Thanks! And yes, very motivating seeing you get yours :)

      And hopefully whichever hunt you decide to do next goes easy on you after this last one :p
    17. RaichuArcanine
      Omg aqua you finally got gira! Yay! :d
    18. Dangertrout
      Congrats on the completion of your BQ!!
    19. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Thanks, Aqua! And no problem! I could imagine that shock as you looked down at the screen.

      Well, you've urged me to write up a post, so I will do it. I'm not sure when. I will need to plan it out, though, as there's a few stories to tell. It might take a little while. I've got a BQ to post, and another game with a few shinies, and my latest captures, which have really shocked me. One in particular was insane and I still can't get over it.

      What will you be chasing next? I can't remember if you said.
    20. Cpchris
      Wow, congrats on ending that hunt, as well as your BQ! I've been eagerly awaiting seeing a shiny Giratina in one of your posts, and every time I see you've posted, it's a moment of sudden suspense to see if scrolling down further will finally show that Giratina. It was a great sight to see it in your post today, and I can only imagine how amazing it felt for you. So once again, congrats, and good luck on your future hunts!
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