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Last Activity:
Nov 12, 2019
Aug 8, 2010
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None, leave me alone.

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Face Oblivion, from Johto

AquaRegisteel was last seen:
Nov 12, 2019
    1. Heliotrope
      OK, I'll add your FC too.
    2. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Thanks for sharing info I really appreciate it :D Congrats on obtaining your shiny Klefki! I'll make sure that I keep that in mind, I have a Magneton with Magnet Pull, and I believe I have a Pokemon in my pc with Sweet Scent so I should be set!
    3. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Oh wow I never thought of that! It's worth a try, on second thought I think I will pick back up with my Klefki hunt then. Klefki is a very cool looking Shiny, and still want one. I haven't had any luck yet finding a shiny in my Y version so far.
    4. ChaoticInverse
      Thanks for the friend code, I hope you have fun in x&y too!
    5. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      666? Creepy.

      I could make a voodoo doll of Giratina and stick pins in its eyes, maybe? Although, I've never made a doll before.

      Homework ... don't you just love it?

      What is your SR count now?
    6. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Yeah, it's one thing to doodle a cute little weird looking Oshawott, but Giratina is a little bit more sophisticated with its design. You could trace one, maybe? ;)

      I love Renegade, even if it is pretty obvious. Argorok sounds nice, too. You know what, though? When I got mine and I asked for nickname suggestions, there were quite a number of them, but none of them seemed to fit for me in the end and I just couldn't think of any suitable! It can be quite easy for me to think of nicknames for Pokémon, but for Giratina it's another story entirely! So, I don't really have many or even any ideas off the top of my head!

      I can try, though!
    7. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      The Swadloon would have really helped, that's for sure. But the fact is that Giratina is unfashionably late now. Maybe start calling it names. That's what I was doing! ;) I drew a picture of Oshawott and wrote "SHINE!!!" and "PLEASE!!!" and "SHINE, YOU #%$%#$%!" around it every now and then. (It makes me sound crazy, but oh well!) Maybe it felt sorry for me!

      I've just recently claimed the Giratina from EB, and I was using my shiny one, and the EB one just doesn't compare. Like you said, you grow so attached to your shiny Pokémon and I don't think I'd change that for anything. I can't wait to interact with them in Pokémon Amie. I'm just imagining tickling or petting Finn's nose or something right now! I wonder what he'll look like.
    8. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      AQUA! Thank you so much! I still can't stop smiling. He's level 54 at the moment and I just still can't believe it! I am really shocked at his shiny form. It looks so nice. But that's generally the case, however. You can never really get a good look at a shiny until you actually see one on your screen.
      Thanks for your support.

      So, come on, GIRATINA, ya $#@$%! It's your turn. Come on, it has to happen soon!

      How have you been otherwise?
    9. Cpchris
      Thanks :) And good luck with that Giratina as well, I know that's gotten up there in number of SRs :x
    10. ScorpionX
      You have more patience than I, None of my SR hunts ever got about 7,000 resets. I'm not sure if I could go as high as 14 thousand without seriously considering giving up
    11. ScorpionX
      Nice to see you too Aqua, It's been a while :) Gonna be shiny hunting in X&Y right off the bat or waiting a while?
    12. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Lol, Yeah, that doesn't make much sense. I'm rooting for you, anyway. I feel invested in this Giratina hunt for some reason! I think XY are arriving much too quickly in some aspects!
    13. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Curse you, GIRATINA!!! SHINE. NOW.
    14. Supremacy
      Thanks, it felt nice finally removing the tape from my ds lol.
      Shiny Giratina looks amazing as well and I'm hoping it shines for you soon, good luck!
    15. Psynergy
      Not a problem. I was busy, but only yesterday, so I guess that was an untimely event on my end. I was actually just thinking of starting the vote today myself, so it seems fine.
    16. Psynergy
      Ah, so you've taken over with the vote? That's okay, even though I was only gone since yesterday. :p
    17. dan2point5
      Thanks for the congrats mate :-) feels good to finish it! Can't believe I've managed to complete 3 BQ's now! I must be mad!

      Im still gonna be around posting but I won't be hunting, just gonna take a couple of months off and then see what happens in X and Y!
    18. cocoadragon
      Hi Aqua! Good luck with giritina that thing sure is being stubborn!!
    19. dan2point5
      Haha thanks buddy. Just glad to get this hunt out the way, was getting bored of that route towards the end.

      Next hunt I'll be SR'ing for Volcarona so hopefully I'm in for a shorter hunt than this one. Always wanted the golden moth so mows the perfect time to hunt it.

      Good luck on your hunts pal :-)
    20. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Ah both pineco and spinarak are both great but it would be a shame for you to get ANOTHER hoothoot. Good job youre prepared too, loosing i shiny would suck.
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