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  • That's too bad =\ On the bright side, it ended nonetheless ;) So congrats on that much! Glad to hear you've found your Platinum, though. What's up with HGSS that you have trouble sticking to a hunt? Are there just a lot of places that risk duplicates for you? Anyways, I do like the blue on Spinarak, so it's on my radar for the future ;) But I hope it shines soon for you to balance out that Forest hunt!
    I think I got a bit carried away with that part of my comment ^^'' When I was replying to Dangertrout I was basing my opinions on comments I don't like to see in general, not just the ranting, and that topic popped into my head. I should've made that a bit clearer. I've taken that part out since, you're right, and it's not really relevant to the ongoing discussion.

    Good luck to you in your hunts as well :)
    It's ok. I guess I'm too positive. You have every right to complain about the new situation, So I'd like to say sorry too. ^^

    Hopefully you'll be back soon and the situation would be better by then.

    Thank you and good luck to you too. !! ^_~
    Thanks for the congrats! And I'm using a repel trick, so Scyther ends up being around 15-20% (not a lot better, but much better than 5%).

    Hope your own hunt shines soon, and hope everything goes well irl/on your vacation, too!
    Sorry to see you taking your leave once again :( I always like that there are people like you who understand how I feel about some of these shiny-related issues, especially when there are days that it seems like I'm in an extreme minority! It's a shame there are so many new hunters that have such a strong sense of entitlement that they feel ripped off for not finding something so quickly when it was meant to be rare in the first place...

    I look forward to your return though (I'm hoping there is one), whether it's in a few days or a few months. And I'd certainly be interested in keeping up with your hunts and your finds even if you just wanna shoot me a message rather than post them in the thread! Good luck on your hunts :)
    Thank you! It was quite the painful hunt, but that made the reward that much greater haha. Thank you for the good luck, and I hope it goes by a lot faster as well!
    I noticed this after sending the PM (and I already sent you a few of those today, so I'm doing this), but someone more or less proved my point. They weren't angry about anything, but they still reacted how I think a lot of people will.
    I'm hoping the AQA calculator is more forgiving! The problem with the question in my paper was that it wasn't really obvious what maths you had to do to get to the answers x: Everyone seemed to find it hard though, so hopefully the grade boundaries will be lowered!

    Good luck on your calculator paper!
    Not sure if you're gonna see this or not, but I'm around if you want to find out about what happened last night :p
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