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  • I couldn't hatch a jolly chimchar though, but I've got a Brave, Hardy and Naughty males and Timid and Brave female. all of them with Fire Punch - Thunder Punch and Brick Break :)
    Hey, could you wait a bit :)? a already hatched the Chimchar you were asking for, but I'm currently in the process of hatching the bagon :)
    I couldn't help but notice that you want a shiny Litwick, I have one, but you prob. want to obtain one yourself, lol. But shiny Chandelure does look pretty cool.
    Awesome. I sent you a VM over there. I'm on there more than here so you'll have a easier time catching me over there.
    I just saw the 'S/He will be mine' under your name and thought you might want a shiny Litwick with HP Ice I RNG'd. You can see it here and you're welcome to it if you want it.
    The gay anesthesia plea has ended. The debate forums is going into moderation. Snorunt Conversationalist says that you can but it to rest.
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