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  • Was that a "Duck Amuck" reference in your post?
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    Yes, it was. It's my favorite Daffy Duck cartoon, but only because the legendary Bugs Bunny is screwing around with him in it. I honestly don't like Daffy.

    Aren't you one of LadyTriox's friends?
    More of an acquaintance than anything. Used to just see her in the games section occasionally.
    Oh. If you’re wondering, LadyTriox doesn’t post on this forum because it’s getting kind of toxic.

    Please tell me you’re not acquainted with keepitsimple or Dragalge. She told me to stay away from those two.
    Heeeey :3

    Do you like wifi battles?
    I usually don't do wifi battles, but if you want, we can battle. I have to warn you, my X team is pretty strong!
    Sounds good^^ I'll enjoy battling you sometime! Thanks :3
    (CHARACTER LIMIT!!!! you have two vms from me, please read them both :) thanks)

    I like the friends i have on this forum and my own forum too =) Please send me a pm with your e-mail! I'd like you on my own forum, too. You can just guess the theme to my forum before you even get the url to it in your e-mail haha.

    (though e-mails i can send people join codes, since i keep sign ups disabled on there. trolls have enjoyed joining in the past :/ i don't even know how they find me.....)

    Also, my love for cute/girly things likely could relate to my maternal instincts. I don't get to have a lot of pets, like many other people, so its possible i need to channel my love of cute things more towards cutesy cartoons, like hello kitty and my little pony, a bit more due to something like that. Realising that has made me want to accept my being a girly girl more =) It would stink if i didn't have cute things to enjoy due to my not being able to live with lots of cats like other people and i deprived myself of girly girl cartoons.....lol
    I'm happy i fell in love with korrina after all my male crushes :) She's so pretty^^

    I want to stay into her for years too =)

    My bro own's dusk. I've wanted dawn and never got it xD

    Thanks for considering to not trigger me :) *hug's* You're awesome^^
    I kinda wanted winter to last too yesterday. The world getting all happier and stuff for spring was scaring me o.o; even if it's a good change.....big changes are hard with autism. I sure am glad korrina's tomboyish so that makes me like a male crush in a way xD; (most of my crushes before her were male for like around 26 years lol so....i guess it would be too much a change if i fell for someone like valerie or whitney LOL :p its already a change to like korrina now....she is perfect......<333)
    Been almost a month since we last talked! I hope you're doing well :D

    Spring is coming really soon
    Sure :p thats how we'll do the rp. Plus, korrina would LOVE that. She's like a sports girl haha

    Awww bubbles theme is soooo cute...:3


    ANOTHER FAN :D Of course we can double date! :p Wanna do that now? in case you're not online tomorrow.

    Oh wait the olympics are on in like 10 minutes...
    Haha, guess what i'm listening to? A powerpuff girls song xD

    As far as i'm concerned, it matches with valentines day for me since my current crush is all about girl power :p And i'm a girl myself. And you get the picture. GirlXGirl=powerpuff girl songs for valentines day. Nuff said xD
    I can't really watch it now but awesome you found a ppgz anime site!^^

    I really like the ppg :3
    You're welcome :) I like seeing others smile, even over the net^^

    Oh i know that show. I think my brother had a thing for her, too.
    You love who you want. I'm not fond of animal crushes myself (tho i was into sonic and shadow the hedgehogs as a teen) but fictional crushes are harmless, so you can like whoever you want when it comes to fiction in my book ;)

    She sounds awesome^^ I wanna see those clips too :) also what a cute name^^
    Thanks^^ I may fight someone right now so i may go get my handheld to add you. I tend to not like having it on me unless i wanna battle someone right away haha.

    I wanna be a hero too. :3 I felt kinda sad when i wad de staffed from my friend's forum but i'm not gonna let it get to me. I doubt he was upset with me or anything. Most likely he didn't like me editing the news fader with my aspie dramas :/ I noticed he deleted what i added to it lol so i guess i was abusing my mod powers....oh well.

    I may get going. Its getting dark now and i may want to walk my dog again. I duno when i'll be on again. I don't login here much. Did want to battle you but oh well :p I'll still like having your code anyways.
    Thanks for the prayers though :) They do help. I know autism is hard. I still get all freaky over stereo types, though i am learning more now it hurts people when i put myself down for liking 'girly' things. And i put myself down cuz i don't want to hurt others. Yet it hurts others when i do. I'd like to get stronger. :)
    He explained things better. It seems they don't want him seeing mlp in theaters, however i think its okay for him to see it on dvd. And i do want to talk happy stuff, thanks. I watched beyblade on jetix, i think?

    I do still want to battle you if you're still up for that :p i just need your code; not sure i have that yet. I may want to be fully sure things are okay first too. They seem okay now, but i know i misinterpriate things a lot too.
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