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  • Ahaha....too much fun x.o; i'm still unhealthy obsessed with her, haha. Oh well, its likely not hurting anyone. I guess its fine :3 Well, i don't hang with her on y so much now but i still daydream of her and look at my pinterest images of her lol

    I'd like to battle but a friend of mine is being abused by his parents and i want to be there for him. We're messaging on his forum right now. Please pray for him. His parents have really harmed him over his interest in my little pony and have been scaring him and he wants to run from home and he's REALLY young. I'm super worried for him....
    Its not that i don't like dark types. I don't think its a favorite type, but i did get umbreon on gold, also litten's evos won't type clash with other pokemon as much xD

    Hmn. I'm thankful for my family, food, my dog... :)
    I plan on using litten =)

    Happy thanksgiving =)

    I plan on writing in my gratitude journal more later. I should make a lot of entries about korrina lol
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