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    Ask a Question Thread 3.0!

    ive recently tried breeding for iv's and i kinda have no idea what to do, im not trying to get them perfect, but at least something worth ev'ing and gettin up to lvl100 without wanting to hurl my ds across the room..any tips?
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    they should make a Koi, that would be a nice evolution to Seaking ...or a large extinct dragon type animal that has half bone and half petrified scales, being rock and dragon -more electric and fire types in general would be better, plus some interesting dragon mixes
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    Ask a Question Thread 3.0!

    thanks, i was leaning towards toxic and earthquake, but as for the other moves i had no idea
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    Ask a Question Thread 3.0!

    i just finished ev training my steelix, but im unsure of a moveset to give him, does any1 have any ideas?
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    nice name for rampardos lol

    nice name for rampardos lol