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    ~ Official Pokémon Platinum Discussion Thread 2 ~ (READ 1ST POST OR ELSE)

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    The Official Anime Caption Thread V.2 **SPOILERS WARNING**

    http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn265/martianmister/39.jpg Brock : Ahhhh!!!This flashlight is blinding me!!!!
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    What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

    The first pokemon that I caught was a Pidgey in Pokemon Blue.
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    New Sprite Discussion

    How did that happen?
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    Changes from RBY>FRLG

    In those days games were alot harder to program,so there were quite alot of glitches,but they made FR/LG from scratch so obviously there won't be the missingno or 'M' glitches from the original games.
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    NEVER EVER play this game!

    Oh well,thats life :D
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    Have You Ever *GASP* Whited Out?

    Never, I've only blacked out (while playing Pokemon Blue) ;)
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    Which Pokemon do you feel is too unispired?

    Ekans and Arbok..... they're basically snakes :D
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    NEWS: a two touch screen ds?

    Authenticity? :D
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    Favorite 2nd Gen Fire Pokémon

    I'll say something different.......Magby!!
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    hardest legendary bird

    Zapdos was hardest for me, I wasted 3 Great Balls and 2 Ultra Balls trying to catch it!