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  • Oh noooooo, I'm so sorry I didn't remember you! I can only imagine I tried to wipe everything on Pokecommunity from my memory haha. If assimilation heightening is a good design for your region and story, that's way more than I had going for it, so go ahead! I'm eager to see what you'll do with it -- it's such a melodramatically cruel idea, like everything I wrote five years ago. Good luck!

    As for me... It doesn't seem like much, but I guess life changes a lot over a matter of years! I'm waiting to get called to my job in the other half of the country right now, I hope they let me have my summer in peace. It's a boring consultant job that I don't really even understand yet, I'm just waiting to find something I'd rather do with my life. What about you? Since you've launched a new project and all, does that mean you're getting some time to do some nice personal work?
    Hey! A friend of mine pointed me to the message you put in your new fic's author note. Don't feel shy to bother me! And congratulations on starting one, by the way! I've seen you around for a while, so I'm glad you're becoming active.

    I'm still 'officially' on hiatus from here (huge procrastination issues), but I'd be happy to hear which idea of mine caught your fancy. If someone else can put something of mine to good use, it's the best thing!
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