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  • See your new here welcome, your likely to get people asking you to join their clans soon and your likely wondering what the purpose of a clan?
    Well I see clans as a way to not only improve your battling but also as a way to enhance your experience by getting to know people on the fourms.
    Also make sure to chose your clan wisely.

    Just a little bit of advice from me, hope it helps.
    I am a bit of a competitive battler. I know all the strategies and stuff, and I can EV train and breed for the right natures, but I can't RNG so I can't have perfect IVs. I also don't have PO. Volcarona is really an amazing special attacker, especially with access to Quiver Dance. As long as you have a Rapid Spinner, then you don't even have to worry about Stealth Rocks.
    By the way:
    It will change from one type, to divisions. Currently, its M.O.T 1.0. Later, it would be Tech,n' Insects. And as soon as we get all we need it would be up.

    I hate spiders, but pkmn spiders is so cute! If I remeber right, I have a Timid Elektroweb Spinarak.

    I like those comics!

    Its just the ranks that are "buggish". We might still have a "justbug" battle/tournament. And it would pretty much be the only clan who supports FanFics.

    Fav is Accelgor! I love that speedy beast!

    By the way:
    Hi! I like bugs to, just like you! I want to give a warm (+250°) welcome! And I hope it didn't faint your bugs, if so *hands over 200 Max Revives* use these.

    And about clans, different clans are good for diferent people. For instance, they who don't battle often shouldn't join a clan all about battling. Try look around first.

    If you happen (i'm not forcing you) to be interested, a bug clan will come soon.
    Hey Arachnaphoid, welcome to Serebii! :3 Don't feel pressurised to join a clan because someone asked you to, you should look around at them all and see which one is right for you.

    I like your signature; did you make it yourself? It's very well positioned :).
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