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  • Sorry mai dear, but as a result of inactivity between June 16 and the time of this message, your claim on Glaceon on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    It gets better, trust me. I found that White was superior simply because of its actual plot instead of the lack thereof.
    I really enjoyed it. This is my favorite Pokemon game yet. It beat out Diamond, which surprised me (although I still really love Diamond).

    How about you? How do you like it so far?
    She is, one of my favourite protags. The greatest protag that ever protagged, though? Lyra. Haters can hate, I'm gonna celebrate.

    Once I complete the main story and get my Sneasels over... Hydreigon is gonna be one of those I train up. Chandelure and Mienshao too. Oh, plus Scrafty. 8)

    Yeah, she is. Three Electro Balls from Lilynette and she was gone. I felt rather sad. Hopefully for the third version they'll give her a better, more challenging team.

    GO GO GO PWN DAT LENORA providing she don't kick your hiney first. She is one of the tougher ones for a reason!
    Got it in one! My Unova OTP, I am spamming you with my love for it. 8)

    Rocking and rolling! My team are now all level 42 and Lilynette (( Emolga )) is really proving her worth; I can see me having a mini army of Emolgas in time because they are adorable and can pack a punch! Bias? Where?

    So far I haven't lost to any of the Gym Leaders, but I will say that Lenora's Watchog caught me by surprise with Retaliate and Elesa's battle strategy was pretty damn good and for once, that's not bias speaking. Sadly I think I'm gonna one-shot Skyla... I say sadly cause I like the girl.
    She is and I adore her; Fourshipping for life ktnx. I beat her tonight and her pair of Emolga spammed the crap out of Volt Switch. Crazy squirrels.

    He's SO DAMN CLOSE to being an Emboar! Only about 500 EXP points to go... which he will definitely achieve tomorrow as he'll be helping me out in EV training my Emolga. Going for a moveset of Electro Ball/Encore/Agility/IDK man possibly U-turn. As said in the Recent Happenings thread... I'm kinda competitive, but I don't like to be a sheep and follow the movesets completely. I battle for fun. 8)
    Admittedly, I wasn't impressed at first; Zapdos forever as the Electric/Flying type ktnx. Then time passed, Elesa ended up owning a couple...

    I'm tempted to trade a Sneasel over, but I think I'll wait until I beat the main storyline. Pignite and Liepard are a kick butt duo, I'll have you know.
    Loving it to trucking bits, as I was expecting! All the hype and the waiting was definitely worth it and I am going to milk the game for all that it is worth. Looking forward to capturing an Emolga after I beat Elesa, which, taking into account my job offline, I hope will be done on Tuesday. 8)

    How about you?
    Okay, the chapter is up~ :) Sorry I forgot to mention that right after I posted it, lol ><
    I'm going to be posting a new chapter of TSS once BM is done beta-ing it, just so you know ;)

    Hope you're having a great Christmas~
    That's fine :) I'm not rushing things, as I'm busy too, haha. It takes me forever to catch up on posts when people put them up, so the less for now, the better ;P
    Haha naw, I've done that before. My character is actually one that I'm using in a book, so it's all good :3
    Lol yeah. I'm going to post the thread tomorrow since basically all the spots are filled. It shouldn't be too hard for the few people who join after I post the thread to catch up.
    The first two are both Gods, so male, but I'm honestly unsure of the last one. I'm pretty sure we made Lugia the God of Night, so male. It's fine if you choose Lugia and don't have the right gender, it can always be fixed later.
    Haha, yeah, Destiny has been down all day. The other mods and I don't know why, so we can't really do anything about it. But iirc, Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi, Keldeo, Darkrai, Giratina, Groudon, Arceus, and Manaphy aren't. And you can't have any of the same that are already chosen, but there's still so many I don't think it'll be too hard.
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