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  • Not yet... but I've been avoiding the subject for sometime. Gonna try next Friday, if not, have a good tournament ^^; I had Shadow Tag Gothitelle and a TR Sylveon all ready for a DB and Scrappy Boomburst Exploud
    Nah, I'll definitely figure out how to get it back... but I just gotta focus for now to convince my mom I won't use it till I know I'm officially done with all my work and such (my grades were decent to abysmal last semester)

    And damn you, I was going for that Shiny Noibat (and I do want a Shiny Chespin, but I'll just be glad if I ever get my shiny Honedge)
    *sigh* still no shiny after Teddi yet ._.

    And I have a Totodile already, but even if I didn't... my 3DS isn't currently in my possession. My mom wants to focus more on my studies this semester
    I can offer a modest 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Male Solar Power Charmander with Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Crunch, Ancientpower, 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Aerodactyl or a 31/31/31/xx/31/xx Male Immunity Gligar for the a timid Dry Skin Helioptile or jolly 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Riolu, also have some other pokes to offer if they don't interest you
    Did my Note on Notepad ever reach you? If not I know why (Nintendo shut down Streetpass). Anyway I forgot when we were trading the other night about the Riolu's you were offering... Anything in particular you might want? I think the best thing I have right now is Destiny Bond Shuppet
    None of the Pokemon I want/need are ever available because of how ridiculous the offers are... People want Treecko (any unavailable starter)/Milotic/Legendary Pokemon for something like Scizor, Gigalith, and freaking Sliggoo. The only way for me to get something (and half the time it's garbage anyway) is by putting something up myself.... Your either really lucky or your too blind to see it's changed for the better, but no where near as perfect as it's claimed to be. And before you say filter, yes I am using that as well :p

    Good thing I have been. But am I the only one who see's flawless or near flawless IV's pointless? Why would anything like say Talonflame need 31 IVs in Special Attack or both of it's Defenses? All it needs is Attack and Speed, possibly HP to suffice. It's not gonna be surviving many things anyway after constant Brave Bird's and Flare Blitz's. Sure there's Roost, but that leaves you open
    fainted ah... that's likely my only solution unless we trade Kadabra and I teach it Focus Blast... and man Eevee's are difficult to catch (storing on Money right now)
    Just realized this could take awhile as Abra (now Kadabra) get's no Fighting moves (which is all Eevee is scared of)
    Only got one Eevee right now (which is Jolly)...those little buggers are hard to capture :p If I get a synchronize mon with Modest, sure :)
    Abra's hidden is Magic Guard... I've got a Friend Safari with one :)

    Pokerus would be nice though. Forgot I got a Shiny Teddiursa in the Friend Safari
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