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  • hey i had to clear out my pms since my inbox was almost full so i kinda lost the convo we were having in there. ¬¬

    although it's easier to keep talking via vm anyway. where were we?

    also you might like this. x)
    Um, hi ^^
    I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for friends to do stuff in DW, just like you... Here's my FC if you can add me: 0260 6401 6232.
    Plz let me know when you can be online at the wi-fi room and don't forget to send me you FC too ^^
    u were suppose to send me a pm when u came back 45 mins after u sent the FC...im still waiting.
    I'm currently asking around for tm 12 and tm73 but is there anything else your looking for in exchange for an Extreme speed Dratini?
    I basically do a bunch fo searches on the GTS (using plat, since you can sort by level brackets and country) yes, from the GTS. Take that naysayers :p

    Find em with people asking anywhere from legends to starters.
    i need (all male)
    houndour with flamethrower, dark pulse, nasty plot, WoW
    riolu with agility, blaze kick, cross chop, crunch
    riolu with agility, blaze kick, cross chop, bullet punch
    chickorita with counter and leech seed
    mudkip with counter and mirror coat
    ill trade 1 event from the link in my sig each
    Good-natured shinies in general, or someone who can explain me how to make a link in my signature to myshiny list in bathc shiny thread, page 27.
    Haha. Yeah, (ideally) you shouldn't enter a patch if you don't see four shake, because if one of the one that didn't shake (ie. a patch is always chosen, but it chooses a patch where there is no grass) creates a pattern, it can still break your chain.

    Good luck with the Houndoom.
    I don't really say what my usual team is just randomly :) Keeps surprises. As for PBR, i only just got home recenly for break from school. My Wii still needs to be unpacked.
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