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  • o_O If you want hydro pump on a sharpedo (assuming you will evolve it), go hasty or naive. Sharpedo is a glass cannon, so the drop in defense won't make much of a difference.... And I'm not raising pokes for others atm....
    hey could you get me a jolly carvanha with hydro pump egg move and max out its attack and speed? what do you want for it? i have some lvl 100 and entei,regis, groudon, kyogre, rayquasa.
    I have TM taunt. I can't seem to get rid of it.
    What I need is the berries that resist:
    ice (not garchomp, mind you.)
    Any of those would be great in return. (but not all)
    Have had my remote and can get to my ranch for awhile now. Just haven't really been doing anything with pokemon recently :D starting to again.
    i will take the lax/docile one if they're still up i'll even take a quirky one. (preferably the lax if you still have it) i will trade you any fully ev trained pokemon. i also happen to have an event darkria (alamos) i have alot of pokes just pm me back if you want anything and i'll see what i have in my inventory.
    Gah! I've been swarmed with like 60 PM's in one day >.< If I send you one that doesn't make sense or something... I've probably gotten em mixed up XD this is confusing....
    Er, hi. I've never had to use this thing before, but I saw your comment about the many Mudkips in the trade forums.... and I'm sort of looking for one. Anything specific you want for one, if you have any left?
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