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  • No problem and now you don't HAVE to transfer them to check, have a nice day / time until you get back on again
    I transferred both the wish bagon and leech seed oddish you traded me last year and they don't retain the fateful encounter flag, just letting you know so you wont have to transfer yours
    ~Serebii noobs being everywhere, with only spots of intelligence
    ~Serebii zealot noob on Smogonwifi being even a worse noob

    I'm so disappointed
    Do you know this OT: CODY (with ID: 63613)?
    I looked up that ID on Pokecheck, it came out clean aside from unrelated hacks.
    Just turned 19 Friday and got a 128Mb memory card so hopefully I can start a new colosseum and try and SR get shiny umbreon or espeon if possible
    Yeah, I saw that you were away when all this happened so I wanted to make sure that you didn't get your account hijacked.
    Yeah, apparently the hacker did this for just sh*ts and giggles. ~.~
    I'm pretty sure you already saw and dealt with it since so many sites got hacked, but did you change your password yet?
    I don't understand why people have to hack. I'm having a very hard time finding some of the pokemon I want.. Everything is a hack and it's very painful.

    Thanks, I'm hoping I can find them, so I can get some that aren't hacks.
    Start here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?465641-Dracaena&p=15975087#post15975087

    Then laugh as someone tries to tell everyone that they got a shiny genesect, keldeo, and melodetta from the events and they are not hacks.

    Yeah, I'm trying to find wal-mart codes, so I can get the starters, but I'm going to need someone else to RNG them cause I can't Entralink RNG. I think dewey said he would, if I can find the codes. I want at least two of them. three would be ideal.
    Haha, thanks. I enjoy RNG-ing and helping others. Which is why I have item trades and other 'easily' obtainable things that people can trade me.

    If you don't trade, what do you do?
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