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Recent content by arbiter7x

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    Frustrating Bullcrap In Pokemon

    same here. I'm not THAT bothered by the lack of events, but just wish that they could have a few ONLINE events instead of using physical wifi terminals all the time for downloads
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    DualRivalShipping -Cheren and Bianca- General Discussion <3

    We're gonna need some banners to promote this, anyone got any ideas? Any good artists here?
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    Frustrating Bullcrap In Pokemon

    Don't complain about HAX in-game. Complain about HAX in COMPETITIVE, especially in TOURNAMENTS!
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    Ironies in Pokemon

    Level 255 Pikachu with like 50 moves Owns final boss of previous season Gets raped by first gym of next region
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    click it, support the one true Brock Obama!!!

    click it, support the one true Brock Obama!!!
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    Who Do You ship with Hilda/Touko?

    FerriswheelShipping, just because of the INSANE amount of awesome fanart out there
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    Should i buy a new DS to play and actually trade Pokemon?

    Buy the DSi XL Burgundy. Its one of the best looking Portable devices I've ever seen, second to maybe only the Mario 20th anniversary Gameboy Micro, which I proudly own :D http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/nintendo_dsi_xl.jpg http://www.bermuda.ch/balduin/blog/famicom.jpg...
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    I need help making a siggy!

    Or just think of something you like, can be anything, Anime, Gaming, Sports, Politics, mixture of them (like mine :D), and just go make it yourself, so that you don't have to credit anyone, and that your sig will be an expression of you.
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    Claim a Song Thread version 2.0

    Let's Go Gekiganger 3! - Para Para MAX remix,Album Mecha MAX - arbiter7x - 05/10/2011 I don't think anyone took this yet, at least not the remix
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    Who do you ship with Cynthia?

    GirlPowerShipping. It's been mentioned a few times above
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    Pokemon LIKE A BOSS moments

    Pikachu Solo Nuzlocke BLOODY PLATINUM. http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/150/f/2011/192/7/6/like_a_boss_by_shadyprincess55-d3lojvj.png
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    Favorite Quotes

    This Hand of Mine is burning Red! Its loud Roar tells me to grasp Victory! Final Blow! Erupting......GOD FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEAT END!!!!!!!!!!!BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video Here
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    If you could change the mascot of Pokemon.

    NO. Why? Pikachu is probably the best representation of all Pokemonin general. Cuteness and Power, Coolness and Impishness, evenly balanced. You would want to have a Pikachu as a pet, or you can give it a light ball and Nasty Plot and sweep HARD, or it can be one of the rarest things in the...
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    Do you tend to support mainstream shippings or more obscure shippings?

    Is girlpower considered mainstream? There is no direct evidence but a ton of people like it So how DO you define mainstream? Solid evidence or number of supporters? Stuff like Franticshipping obviously fall under both categories, but like Girlpowershipping, sometimes it is one or the other, so...