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Arbok Starship
Last Activity:
Sep 1, 2009
Jan 11, 2007
Likes Received:
Norwalk CA 56Duece
Spanky's Pizza Express

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Arbok Starship

Bring It!!!, from Norwalk CA 56Duece

Arbok Starship was last seen:
Sep 1, 2009
    1. _Jordan_
      Lol I love your name
    2. cubone 653487
      cubone 653487
      u must like cobra starship. the group
    3. Fenix
      Okay, re-send the friendship request :D
    4. Fenix
      Sorry, I don't add people I don't know.
    5. Night Shadow
    6. PlatinumBub
      Hey there dude ... you still got that shinny Krabby for trade? I can offer a Latios, but that's about it ... not much else to spare. Let me know, thanks alot man!
    7. PKMNmasterJuice
      Ok message me when ready I can trade now and I'm online in Serebii so yeah I'll add ya and go to wifi in a bit
    8. PKMNmasterJuice
      Hey I saw your forum on Serebii and I am interested in Pokemon u have for trades these are the ones I'm interested in
      -BDAy Charamander
      -MCDonalds Pikachu
      -Concert Chatot
      I am willing to trade you these Events I know you have some already but I'll ut the antures just in case and I'll put UT if they are untouched ok
      -UT Yukari Mew (Brave)
      -UT Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas (Bold,Careful,Jolly,Naive)
      -UT Hadou Mew (Quiet)
      -UT Aura Mew (Hasty)
      -UT Babagion Flygon (Naive)
      -UT Saikyo Dragonite (Mild)
      -UT Saikyo Magmortar (Hardy)
      -Saikyo Salamence
      -Saikyo Milotic
      -Mattle Ho-oh

      I'll even offer u shinies like these all legit

      Message me back with waht ur interested in ok
    9. neo darkrai
      neo darkrai
      i'll offer u any of my shinies for your movie regigigas
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  • About

    Norwalk CA 56Duece
    Spanky's Pizza Express
    Looking For The Rarest PKMN This Side Of The West Side!!!!!

    Metal/Thrash, Old School Hardcore & Pokemon


    Jap Platinum FC: 4426 0457 5815
    Name: FRANK

    I only do Standard single battles.