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  • Hi Arc, I'm looking at posting a reply to my shiny badge quest thread on the forums and I'm having trouble and it's saying it may be spam like. Could you please inbox me when you are available? Thank you! - Dootzi
    My name is Tommaso and here Slurpuff Channel and I'm an italian boy.
    Slurpuff Channel is the name of my Youtube Channel.
    I've tried to searched for forum leaders and you went out the list.
    Is there in this site a part of forum in which I can share my youtube channel?
    Excuse me sir, very sorry to bother you, but I am unable to post in FB other than the registration thread.
    I sent my permission request for FB group a while ago and I have not been accepted yet.
    [ I sent it when I first found FB and my reason is off and I'm sorry, but I don't know how else to resend the request ]
    Oh I am very sorry, I guess it didn't send or save.
    I will redo my RP part and then resend it, sorry.
    Have a good day though.
    Umm excuse me Arc_Angel, I was wondering if you had received my test answers or if I need to resend them.
    Very sorry for bothering though.
    Much as I would love to be able to say otherwise, Weezing doesn't get Sludge Wave as an MT move, or even from a TM. Only way it ever got Sludge Wave was as a Dream World-exclusive move.
    me again...
    I was wondering...
    it doesnt say i can post in the shops
    i know that theres a bit of a time difference
    but i have a world clock
    and its resonably into monday on british time
    ill check again when its monday for me
    if im still having issues ill let you know
    Hey Arc_Angel, I was just wondering if you have had time to check my FB Registration Test? It's been almost 3 weeks now and I was just wondering if you need me to resend it to you.
    Very well, thank you for the help. And, I totally forgot that Eevee is listed as a rare Pokemon. Thank you. :D
    Hello. I'm new here, and I do not know if we can approach member asking if they wish to trade a Pokemon, so that is what I'm gonna go ahead and do but, if it isn't allowed, I apologize ahead.

    So, I'm really interested in this particular Pokemon of yours and I do not know what the proper trade for the same is, so, if you could tell me how many coins(The only thing I have on hand) you'd take(if you would) for the same?

    Now, I do understand though if you do not wish to trade your Pokemon.

    Thank you for reading, Cheers!

    And, oh! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! :)
    Oh shoot I thought it did, but only does when as Leavanny! D: Sorry about that! I edited it so he learns TM Calm Mind instead :)
    The "Tentacruel" links to where she evolved, the "30" links to where I leveled her up. Edited the Visionary Glade link out anyway, just to be safe.
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