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  • Alright, that's fine. There's no rush. I was just concerned that it didn't reach you. Take your time. ^^
    I did but I've been working constantly for over a week and haven't had a chance to read it yet
    I'm just wondering if you got my Registration Test answers. My Internet's been weird recently, and I just now realized they might not have gotten through. (I really hope I didn't lose them.) :/ Thanks, and sorry for troubling you.
    I was afraid of that, I didnt save an answered copy, I'll get it to you soon then
    Edit: also dont bother her on my account !!!
    lol i sent my 2nd test to Enchantress, when was Easter Sunday?, well i'm finally out of school and on break and i wasnt going to bother telling anyone till then, so here i am ! ^^
    I'm very sorry to bother you, but I realised I zoned out and missed the "Homeboard" section of my FB application, and wanted to be sure it wouldn't be passed over.
    I don't do the Shard Quests, Tess does =p She's yet to looks over my Apricorn questions too, she'll get to it.
    Yes We've looked over your updator application and are just working out where to place you atm, you'll get a PM soon about it
    Um, it's been a while since I sent my updater application in, but I haven't really heard anything back. You guys still looking it over?

    Also, I'm thinking you missed my post in the Shop of All Trades requesting a Green Shard riddle. You may have a little more catching up to do! :)
    Not had time to look at it yet, been very busy with work. I'll look at it soon and get back to you
    Sorry if I'm bothering you, but I am aware that my FB registration post was skipped over due to some problems in the post. I have fixed those, so would you please go look at the post? Thanks in advance.
    I did, I've posted it in the UPN Super Private Forums and am waiting to see what Tess thinks. Then we'll get back to you
    Um, did you get my PM? I checked my Sent Items folder, and it says it's empty, yet I'm pretty sure I've been sending a few PMs. I just want to make sure I actually sent my application to be a FB updater; I'd rather not rewrite those sample updates if I can avoid it. >_<
    How does one, like myself, apply to be a FB updater? I looked at the application thread on UPN, and it talked about how that was handled back in '09, '10. What's required now?
    Goddamn it. Ok I'm doing it one more time, but I got a full proof plan to make this work. COPY AND PASTING! MWAHAHAHAH! This should solve my problem once and for all.
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