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  • Wait...you're saying you got nothing back? So I have to do the whole damn thing over again?
    ...I need a moment...Ok. I'll make an account on UPN and redo the test. *sigh*
    Hey Arc, I would just like to ask you to go easy on me with the test, some of those answers were impossible to answer without an UPN account. And I realized shortly after sending you the test I got the color thing wrong, because I put [/limegreen] on the end instead of [/color]. If I still didn't do good enough, could you send me the test back? I can at least make an account on UPN and find out the answers I couldn't find on Serebii there, it'd be much better than doing the whole test over again.
    No, you're right, it did come across as such. Didn't mean to though, but I was afraid that I should have waited until after the Monday giveaway was done to make the purchase, since in retrospect nobody else seemed to buy anything on that day and I got afraid that there was some unwritten rule of "not making purchases during giveaway craze" so that you wouldn't miss the requests. Sorry for being overzealous and coming across as a pushover.
    Sorry, it wasn't meant to rush you in the PokeMart at all! But since I had made an edit instead of a separate post, I ended up wondering if I should call attention to that, in case it made it easier for you guys to keep track of the purchase mixed in with the giveaways...
    I'm still not sure how to best structure things in FB, what with the need to keep everything verified. Honestly, I didn't mean to rush anything, rather making sure I wasn't making a mistake.
    Which I ended up doing anyway -.-
    I wanted to ask a question about Fizzy Bubbles:

    Do I have to be a member of all three branches of FB in advance of joining it?
    Hey the ghost type lovers group is holding a raffle to celebrate that we have 200 members now. You can participate and check out the prize in the 'raffle' thread of the group. Only 35 members can participate so you need you be quick if you want to win.
    Just informing you that the Ghost Lovers Group is now holding its first tournament.
    First prize is a shiny Darkrai, Second is Shiny Sableye and Third is shiny Shuppet.
    Only 20 are being accepted, so post your FC in the tournament thread if you want to reserve a spot.
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