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Recent content by ArcadestarBusy

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    The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)

    so close to finishing my eevee collection what map does this episode happen in?
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    The Elusive Mew

    Same. If I were hunt Mew I would be classified as a transfer pokemon
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    Favorite Gen 1 Gym Leader?

    I would love to actually see the films all the actors starred in
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    Pokémon! I Choose You (001)

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    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but the phone has a riddle to unlock it that only the creator knows the answer too. I wish for immortality.
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    like elekid
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    Thoughts on Let's Go's post game?

    What's Green's team? and who is the first master trainer battle?
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    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    Well my first thoughts were that the battles are almost impossible to defeat, but I doubt it. It'll be still be a kid friendly game where you can take any pokemon and beat the game. I am also a fan of Pokemon speedrunners so I definitely will be excited to watch my favorite trainers go against...