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  • Okay, It's invite only, when you get the invite (you cann veiw it form User CP) You go to the top right cornerish place and click (I can't exactly remember, but it just says Don't accept or someing like that, and do accept or something like that)
    Masuda Method is: You breed with 2 Pkmn (duh) 1 from your language (english) and 1 from a foreign country (Japanese). This way the chances of a Shiny Pkmn appeareing in that egg will increase. Do you understand it now???
    Then you are almost there :D I'm currently trying to a Dragon Team on White, I already got: Adamant Axew, Adamant Dratini and Modest Deino. Only a Adamant Kingdra (Horsea), Adamant Salamence (Bagon) and Adamant Garchomp (Gible) are missing :D But I'm breeding Gible so I hope it won't take too long :D
    ...PREFER!!!??? HOW DARE YOU TO SAY THAT!!!! (Just kidding ;)) I JUST LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! I never disliked a Dragon type :D The only bad thing is that they are the hardest to train :D
    Me too but Dragonite looks cool and powerful, that's why I named myself here Dragonitor..but I think that was obvious :p
    Hey there, I just have a simple question for you. :D Are you a fan of Arcanine AND Ninetales??? (because of your name :D)
    Heeeey, saw your thread, 2 days late of a welcome :D

    As of the posting stuff, I didn't post until a week after I joined (As like you, what do you post in?) I would try to combat an area you like-Music is generally a good place to start ^^ Some also start on parts of the forums that posts don't count (Like games etc) to get known a bit first, the post :)

    Anyways, if there is anything ya'll want to know, or ask, just ask me or any other friendly faces ^_^
    0.0 spring break?!

    mine got done with like last month!

    you lucky duck you ^.^

    nuthin much really. im not even supposed to be on the computer right now. lol. everyones goin to bed atm. btw what relegion are you?

    sorry if that sounds wierdish
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