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Recent content by Arceu$_EX

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    Weakest in existence?

    I think in fourth gen sunkern holds the title
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    Annoying fans?

    Years ago when the first gen pokemon cards came out there were kids at my elementary school who were just plain crazy for their cards, or should i say berserk. One time a teacher took this kids cards until the end of the day and he went absolutely nuts flipping tables and all. other kids were...
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    Let's Talk About Names - Don't name your kid Becky

    well i like Troy as a boy name(my name obviously) its Celtic and means Footsoldier for a girl i like Aurelia(which is my girlfriends name) its Greek means Golden
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    why did the pokemon names change from jap. to engl.?

    because i would rather say infernape than Goukazaru and i more than sure those little kids that play do to
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    well i've always heard(since their first releases) that they were legendary dogs but how could you not see raikou looks like a tiger, he has long fangs like a sabre-toothed wat? tiger right and he also is yellow(even tho tigers aren't yellow, but the color is close to orange) with black thunder...
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    well wouldnt raikou be considered a tiger(even tho hes a legendary dog he looks just like one) i say a polar bear pokemon hast been made
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    What kind of pokemon are you?

    i think of myself as charmeleon because i am calm but when aggitated i become really "disgruntled"(to say the least) until the threat is gone ;005;
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    Why is Crossdressing so looked down upon?

    because its weird i mean wat guy in his right mind goes outside with a sun dress and spandex pants...face cringes i dont agree with the idea clothes are labeled by sex for a reason i mean putting on girl pants if noone realizes, would put lots of strain on your uh...nads and as do panties...
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    i think someone should have sex whenever they want with whoever they want a persons virginity is their own prize that they shouldnt have to unwillingly hold because of religion or wat others think. i think hypothetically if a girl meets a guy and shes 18 but she want to dos tha no pantz dance...
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    What Is Your Stance On Homosexuality?

    i personally think sexuality is of ones own preference i am a straight guy but do not judge one by sexuality...tho i quite frankly dont hang out with homosexual guys i know a few that are pretty cool
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    immortality would suck all your friends and family and (ex)girlfriends/(ex)boyfriends would die(given only you have immortality) then when the sun explodes, well...you mind as well marry your immortal hand
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    Put your first impressions of countries and their people here

    i concur im no racist but i think its hard as f*** to tell first thung that comes to mind when someone says "asian" are chinky eyes and tentacles for some reason
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    does time exist?

    ???well i think time in actuality doesnt exist its just an idea because although things change thats not an example of time examples of "change" that are mistaken to be time related -age: even if time were frozen your body would still age its just wats due to happen -seasons or day/night the...
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    Ever had an anime-esque moment in-game?

    i was in battle tower i had toxicroak as my last pokemon he had about 20 hp left he was fighting i believe a lileep with aboutthe same who kept confusing and protecting croak kept hitting hisself EVERYTIME but at my last attempt to win i landed a EQ wow that was close
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    Chatot, what does yours say with "Chatter"?

    mine says "haduken!!" lol i think i will change it to "wheres my money"