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  • Yeah I know, should've been a bit more clear.
    My fingers hurt when they get stiff while I have my hands hovering over direction and Z/X button.
    And phone battery dies while using GBA4iOS.
    I spent so much time typing that. You should care.
    You could stop the replying and play the new ones. Albeit it'll be a bit heavy on expenses..

    Pokemon Go is fascinating. I really like the idea.
    Might consider getting it soon, or might fall behind a whole Gen!
    New console is gooood. I love it :3
    Not that complicated you know..

    Fairy type moves are super effective against, Dragon, Dark and fighting types. Not very effective against Fire, Steel and Poison types.

    Poison and Steel type moves are super effective when used on Fairy Types. Bug, Dark and Fighting type moves are not every effective.
    Dragon type moves are useless, as Fairy type sare immune to them.
    Yikes. Get your *** to Gen VI.

    Gen V literally killed the fan in me, hated all 4 games. Ugly characters. Unimaginative Pokemon, ugh.
    Gen VI though. Boy I gotta tell you, brilliant all around.

    And I just got back into it. Gaming in general.
    Pokemon too. Went through a dry streak but it hit me back. Ever since ORAS came out.
    Facebook? I stopped using that ever since I broke up.
    I'll have to see if I still have the account or not.
    Still use Skype/MSN? DO ANY of the others?
    Would like to catch up with them, and yours truly, if possible.
    Yeah, pretty much. Though Naruto fails at explaining many things. Originally, Izanagi/Izanami was only supposed to be usable by someone who had the powers of both Uchiha and Senju (so Danzo with his arm made of Mokuton cells and the implanted Sharingan, and Obitobi with his Mokuton body and implanted left Sharingan [or his natural right eye, but he never used it that way]). Then Itachi just said "**** you, I'm Uchiha Itachi and I do what I want", and used it anyway -_-

    That's one of my main issues with the series; it constantly spits on its own canon and changes it whenever it wants.
    How many times can you actually use Izanagi / Izanami?
    As many times as you have eyes to sacrifice for it. So typically, twice, and then you're blind. Danzo just managed to use Izanagi a bunch because he had the Sharing-arm.
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