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Apr 9, 2018
Dec 10, 2007
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March 6
Somewhere beyond the sea~
You think?

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Well-Known Member, from Somewhere beyond the sea~

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Apr 9, 2018
    1. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      Can't, it was stolen with the laptop.
    2. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      I don't know why Cheren was so hard though, I think all the gym leaders had competitive sets too, but I took them down pretty easily. Its just when I battled him towards the end, he went super meta-game on me.

      Oh glob, they would be crying non-stop. Even some of the older kids would probably curse the heavens themselves.

      I think I just played it too long at that point, and got bored with it.
    3. Purple_Tangrowth
      Haha I remember that story when he went to the art gallery! No.. I'm pretty sure that's just some episode.
      It's the one where he goes on vacation to.... I wanna say england but I think it's just random places in Europe? UHHH I forget

      Do you live in the states?
    4. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      If you count Emerald Randomizer as a hack, volt white is the only one I've ever played. Some others hacks like Light Platinum look really good.

      Way too hard. I remember getting close to beating him a few times, but he had a Simipour that was either specs or scarfed that destroyed whatever was still alive with Hydro Pump.

      Like getting and evolving pokemon. To get this certain pokemon, you need this specific item then you have to train it. in this route during this time of day, or trade them with said item. And catching the available legendaries of the region is never any fun. I had so much time invested and so pokemon in my boxes, I couldn't bring myself to delete it.
    5. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      I tried a run of the Volt White hack, but I stopped after the 8th gym because the guy who made it gave Cheren's pokemon competitive movesets. He had a lead Gigalith with rocks and explosion, a life orb, contrary Serperior with Leaf Storm & Dragon Tail, and Life orb Staraptor that spammed brave bird and close combat. I forgot the last 3 because he just pissed me off.

      I did a few play-throughs of 4th gen, but got tired of all the meticulous things you had to do to get pokemon.
    6. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      Crobat is high on my list of favorites.
      Yeah, they're really sad at the start. In Emerald I gave mine Sludge Bomb, Fly/Wing Attack, Confuse Ray and some random 4th move and it kicked butt. I never got the chance to use them in 4th gen that much because thats when I started losing interest in the main game.
    7. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      They're easy to train too, usually the the first pokemon to become fully evolved when I use it.

      3 steps/arm movements, clap 3 times, then wiggle your booty as low as you can to be precise.

    8. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      Them too, Crobats are cool though.

      I did at a party not too long ago. Half of them watched me do it because they were lost.

      I was gonna say Indonesia at first, but that seemed too off. Then I was going to say Singapore which sounded too specific.
    9. Purple_Tangrowth
      Looks like I could reply to this...

      My grandparents brought me to see the movie "mr bean's vacation" or whatever it was. And that was the first time I had seen it. Such a British show
    10. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      The only other rule I throw in is the duplicate rule. I don't like having a Geodude from every single cave in the region

      For some reason, a good amount of my friends don't know how to do it. xD

      I think your in New York for college. But I think you're from near Asia :P.
    11. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      Nope, you can tailor it to your comfort level, all you have to do is at least have the three rules I mentioned earlier. I mean you could go all survival mode and add the limited item/pokemon center rules or pokeballs only rule, but thats when it starts loosing the fun.

      Actually, I'm the chicken dance master. Where are you from? I wanna make a guess, but I know it will be horribly wrong. :p
    12. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      Nah, its a nuzlocke, you can set your own rules. You don't have to go overboard with it, just stick with the basic rules. Like the one poke per route/city, once a poke is k.o'd its dead, and nickname every single poke you catch. It's still a little torturous when a poke eventually dies, not as a bad as some of the other nuzlocke runs out there.

      I am from Hawaii, born and raised.

      I searched around some threads and some others had problem. They said it eventually goes away.
    13. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      I know how you feel. Sometimes I just sit there during my workout and say "f*ck it, I'm done."

      September sounds late to me :P. F*ck that Altaria, its always a nuisance, and dem twins too. You should try do an Emerald Nuzlocke, they are so much fun, if you don't do runs back to back.

      That looks so good.

      Help....I have one unread VM, but can't find it anywhere.
    14. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      Actually jogging is really good for you, it burns more calories. I wanna start jogging again, I just have to force myself to do it. I just lift weight because I crave power UNLIMITED POWAH!!!!!!! and how much times did i say "I", I'm so conceited. :P

      My fall semester starts in about two weeks. Now that sounds like a blast, how was fighting the Fortree and Mossdeep Gyms?

      I have never heard of such a cookie but it does sound oh so delicious.
    15. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      Yeah that guy. Well was a a "consistent poster" when he was there.

      Nothing much, just waiting for tomorrow so I can work out some more. How about you?
    16. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      That really sucks, I wish him a speedy recovery. I know, right? Even that guy that was on..........Eon's squad(?) is gone. The one who had no original ideas and listened to no one's advice/critiques.
    17. PKMN Trainer Rex
      PKMN Trainer Rex
      I noticed him/her in the knife vs bat poll. Didn't noticed the 3 letter part though. :P

      I thought the club would pick back up during the summer, guess I was wrong.
    18. CyberBlaziken
      Very bad, you no post in Bleach Club. Bleach Club go to 2nd page because you no post >.<
    19. Purple_Tangrowth
      I was just thinking about it today but the olympics seems like such a big "once in a lifetime" event and because of the grandness, it feel like I need to watch it because it's important.. Before you know it, I'm infront of the TV watching mens beach volleyball..

      Idk if you saw but Mr. Bean was in the opening ceremony. It was HILARIOUS. Definitely my favorite part of the opening ceremony
    20. Purple_Tangrowth
      That explains A LOT. I was wondering what this nerd was doing with his thread titles :P

      Are you watching/going to be watching the olympics ??
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