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Recent content by Arceus1308

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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    ah thanks for that, just adding that when my eevee on 68% link and fight mitsuhide in blizzard nation with his lapras, it evolve into glaceon, maybe the same could do with leafeon?
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    Sorry for asking, but where do we get the stone and how we use the stone.. i can't read japanese at all
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    Pokemaniac Erika's Sprites Thread

    Cool,fantastic,great I don't have any idea about that
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    Almost 800 New Avatars

    Thank you for the sprites upload
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    "Seeing" Pokemon

    all gen 3 & 4 games
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    All about Tweaking

    Scary.I'm scared to do it
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    the resort house furniture, uncommon taste for a teenager?

    I like it,except the statue that seem glaring at me
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    Sinnoh Platinum Gym Leaders.

    Fantina&Candice are hard
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    Best bird starter pokemon

    starly taillow hoothoot
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    fair but annoying(think if you're streak 119 at battle hall & shedinja appear.you don't have the right attack)
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    The most useless item

    Old Gateau.very exclusive but useless(use lava cookie,it's cheap)
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    Only Three Pokemon, What Would They Be?

    dragonite metagross milotic
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    Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver New Sprite Discussion

    I like most.except a few nonsense sprite aka weird
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    What will you do differently?

    Gonna use alot of TM(I rarely ever use them before^^)