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  • I'm not overly savvy with it atm, but it looks slightly less complex than C, from what I've learnt. Its based on Ruby, and C was based on everything iirc, so I don't think so.
    In the state its in, the World Map may take quite a while to load, but once I transfer the game from needing an interpreter to being a compiled file it shouldn't be too bad :p
    tbh, I doubt I'll even be editing it once I'm done. Once I started, I didn't realise how redonkulously HUGE a project of this size is. I'll probably use the GNU license, but I don't think I'll care too much what happens to it afterwards- as long as it has my name on it, and it gets freely distributed through teh interwebz :p
    When it finally gets done. Bear in mind its going to be on a scale comparable to FF, and its a one man job, and I also have a life to live. Don't expect it to be done for a good year or so at least yet :/
    I spent a good deal of time tring to develop my own RPG, suffice to say it isnt going particularly well, a lot of the scripts have decided not to work... but I'll pick it up again and fix it at some point :p
    indeed it has been a while, a lot has transpired...
    suffice to say i indulged myself in a good year and a half complete hiatus from pokemon.
    only since new year have i began playing again, and even then, only on Pokemon Online, and only 3rd gen. i'm not even considering getting B/W.
    Men! You dont know how much I aprecciate you!
    Thanks a lot for everything :)
    take care and I hope I see you when there is an event :)
    if you need somebody, I'll be here :) bye
    ohhh alright! :) Ohhh
    I didnt know that! :O
    DAMN IT! I forgot Rhyperior ¬¬
    hang on after this trade alright? :)
    I feel Im bothering a lot :S
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