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  • I personally don't either, after Melee and Brawl I think Sakurai likes having a second younger Link around and Toon Link fills the bill well. Similarly, I don't think him being in the background's a death sentence either since it's not the first time a playable character had a background appearance in the same game (i.e. ROB).
    A good feeling? In a way that "she's my favorite character so I enjoy watching her take the stage show?" If so, then yes. XD
    Aww that's sweet of you ^^ well i plan on getting a new one soon anyway For Pokemon X And Y, and so i can post WiFi Battle of its, but anyway how are you,
    did you heard of nintendo shutting down most of there's online service on there's original Wii this june,i hope that's also doesn't means playing original Wii game online as well,
    i'm not sure if this is a Move to get Everyone on The Wii U its a bad one if you ask me, What's if i want to play PBR or Mario Kart Wii or SSBB online with Friend i No longer Can't, i hope nintendo keep The online service For The game online at Least for those that's still have or just got a Wii Me i have a Wii u anyway, :)
    Eh, I think they may have a better chance of them appearing in a SSB game if we got the anime version of it. So "SSB4" for the game characters and "SSB4 - Anime Version" for the anime characters. We'd better be satisfied with Red. :p
    No problem. Thank you! It's so nice to talk to polite fans of Pokemon like yourself. You guys have been nothing but kind and understanding. It's a shame that the anime series garners so much hatred, but I think it's more that people have outgrown the anime series these days. Pokemon was my very first anime series as a child...and even if I wanted to, I can't hate it. Just a simple tale of a boy and his Pokemon traveling with his friends by his side. That still holds true today. :)
    Huh? I laugh at those "one genners" who go around thinking 1st gen was the best and the most creative/original. Sure it was the first but it's not the last or only one. :I
    Don't let it get to you. I just ignore them. Everyone has different opinions on the matter, like you said, and it's just that people see it differently. You're right: the Pokemon series is just supposed to be where we can have fun, and come together as fans. There's good eps and bad eps in each arc.

    Myself? Well, personally, I've never liked the change in cast (only because I felt those voices were PERFECT as is, so it was a mistake to replace them). However, I've found the current seasons are still very good, and just executed in a different manner. Pokemon is still Pokemon, though, regardless of how much it has changed over the years. It's not the way I ideally like to see it, but it's still the same show. I've met people on the complete opposite end of where I stand with the series, but we're still all fans of Pokemon. It's still the great series it once was- just changed in ways that are tough for much of the fandom to acclimate to.
    I agree. ^_^ I miss AG loads, I'm still hoping we get to see May in a special doing something. You know, just to show she's still alive.
    Hey I was wondering if we could be friends because I like your Fire Red, Heart Gold, and White Team these are mine :)

    Pokemon Fire Red

    Pokemon Heart Gold

    Pokemon White
    [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]I like to rotate with these on Pokemon White [IMG][IMG][IMG]
    I didn't really understand your post in the Dawn club, and rather would like not to, but I still kind of want to be your friend, since your a fellow Dawn fan and all^^;
    It`s OK)
    I also think that May is the best!)
    Hope she`ll return)
    I have already watched AG series several times because of her!)
    They are unique characters, I agree)
    But you`ve made a mistake...

    I like May A LOT(and also Dawn)
    I am a a May big fan)
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