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Recent content by ArceusOwner

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    Christian Alliance

    um just to let some people know: I'M 12! this goes for anyone who wants to bash me, i dont know that much compared to yall! again i say: I'M TWELVE! If it was Adam’s decision to disobey God that brought sin into the world, why do we ALL have to suffer punishment? um Adam is a representative...
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    What did you evolve your eevee into in XD?

    i evolved mine into Espeon because i have a certain liking to Psychic type Pokemon
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    Pokemon Gods?

    um in the Sinnoh legends it is said that Dialga and Palkia WERE WORSHIPPED AS DIETIES! so dont you think that if Arceus created them than he is the most important diety???
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    Official PBR Recent Happenings Thread

    YAY I BEAT IT i evolved the pikachu into raichuuuu its amazing i havent played it in a whiile but i wanna do master mode or whatever its called when i pass it again
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    Christian Alliance

    um yes you are exactly right crobat, and can someone knock some sense into manaphyman, we have to endure suffering and pray and God WILL provide...... i dont know what hes going through, but I've got one thing to say! TRUST GOD! We doubt sometime I know every Christian does, but being a...
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    Christian Alliance

    thankssssss i had a very busy summer, and i can get on on my phone so i will be able to get on a lot and the Aztecs have a legend where a cataclysmic event in the year 2012 they have believed this for ages....... it may be Mayan though and on the aliens, there is no reason to believ that they...
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    hey its treyyyyy

    hey its treyyyyy
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    Christian Alliance

    :( um i feel ignored nobadys answering my question: Can i rejoin?
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    ~ Official Pokémon Platinum Discussion Thread 2 ~ (READ 1ST POST OR ELSE)

    Yes many pokemon can use it but just by egg mooves i didnt know that shinx could but ok?? that makes sense tough
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    hey reemember me ArceusOwner i havent gotten on in like a year but im back!!!

    hey reemember me ArceusOwner i havent gotten on in like a year but im back!!!
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    Christian Alliance

    i like the banner crobat and thanx for the advice mudkip and i have no idea who yall r all the ppl that were on here like a year ago (which is when i last got on) rnt on here anymore WAIT! am i still considered a member here or do i need to rejoin if i do than my apologies
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    The Pokemon Forms Brigade!

    ooooopsies i misunderstood the topic What would ??? Arceus be strong and weak against? (Typewise) i dont think Arceus would be strong or weak against anything....... well maybe against other ??? type Pokemon but that is impossible
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    The Pokemon Forms Brigade!

    o thanxxxxx and my bad i want unown F What would ??? Arceus be strong and weak against? (Typewise) well i have an arceus so weak against normal ad ghost and strong against fire and ice i think
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    The Pokemon Forms Brigade!

    oh oh oh!!!!!!!!! I love pie and gengar i wanna joinnnnn!
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    ~ Official Rotom Forms Discussion ~ All Formes Revealed~!

    haha ya thats exactly right..........UGH WHY DID THEY DO THAT sure it has good extra moves but its stats r THE SAME and its ability is THE SAME and, i thik they look kinda stupid.....