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  • Also I just realized I forgot to mention that I might be interested in an Eigakan Arceus (Movie Arceus). Do you have Eigakan Arceus? If so we can also trade that one was you get the 3rd generation Pokemon figured out.

    EDIT: Do you happen to have any of the following Pokemon in these links (GTS and Daisuki Club)?


    Do you have any of these events as well?
    Yes most likely it is meant for GBA, which only works on a Game Boy Advance and the first two models of DS. I think your best bet will be to find another DS Lite or a original DS. I will be waiting for some more information.
    Your welcome for the trade. If you need any help with the flash cart let me know.

    EDIT: If you have a GBA cart with no events on it, you could use that one as a trial run (that way nothing important is lost if something goes wrong). After you obtain your GBA save file(s) notify me and I will let you know what the next step will be.
    You need 8 filler Pokemon. Do you have 8 filler Pokemon or do you need to catch a few more filler Pokemon?
    Okay the save was updated with the Shinx you traded me. So I am going to head back into wifi so we can start trading the events.
    I am going to use my Pearl friend code for this trade. However could you do me a favor before you trade me any of those events? Since I am using my flash cart for this trade, could you trade me a useless Pokemon for another useless Pokemon first? That way I can leave wifi and make sure after I saved that my save file was updated? Could you do that for me?
    Well both GBA and DS flash carts work in a similar manner, which is why I think I should be able to help you get that GBA flash cart figured out.

    I should be able to trade right now. Are you able to trade right now?

    EDIT: Since you are offline now, send me another VM once you are back online and ready to trade.
    I may be able to help you with the flash cart, because I just got my DS flash cart a few days ago.

    Are you able to get your flash cart started? What type of port is there (USB cable or digital media cards)? What is the name of the flash cart you are using? If I had the name of the flash cart I would be able to provide you with links for more information.

    Links for information:
    Well I should be able to trade this weekend, most likely Saturday around the same time as our last trade. Will you be able to trade then at around the same time as our last trade?

    I will try to send you a link with more information on how do the file transfer. Are you able to extract your save file? Could you e-mail me a copy of the save file though as well?
    Well hopefully I should be able to trade this weekend, but don't be surprised if I can't until at least next weekend. I will notify you with a date once I have figured out one.
    I have no problem trading you those events those events you wanted. Did you only need me to clone the Pikachu events for you? Also would you be okay with trading around the same time we traded last time?
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