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Archangel Azazel

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  • but i must :)

    the flipnotes seem like theyre getting shorter and shorter but theyre not :(
    You eat too many tacos fatty! D:<

    *Still hugging*

    Okay, I was just kidding. But did you really report me? And do you really not care or are you just playing?
    I hate you man! D:<

    Yes! *hugs and doesn't let go* D:< LOVE ME.

    I'm kinda mad at you because I got a warning. If I get an infraction because of you I'm not gonna talk to you because that could get me banned. :<
    It may take a couple of tries to pull it off at first, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It's just a shame that Mimic is a one time use tutor in all the games it is available in .
    She's already talked to me about that. I know she's upset with me having her bump my conversations, but I kept thinking if I tried to do so, it would make me sound like winy Zorua. She seems to be acting "normal" around WindStorm and Eevee, but when I tried to get her to change the conversation, she told me to talk to you instead (as if she wanted you to litter my VMs all night or something).
    You're acting like a man! You don't love anything! D:< Why are we saying bad things about our own genders?!

    Yes! D:<

    You are acting like a man! You're mean and hate everything! D:<

    Yes you do!!! >^.^<

    Well I has reported you for spamz. XP
    Ah, for that, you need a Pokémon to mimic the move Transform and use the move to transform into a Smeargle that knows Rage and whatever three moves you want it to learn. Then, you need to get the "Pokémon's rage is building" message before the battle's end, and the Pokémon with mimic should know the same moves as Smeargle after the battle.
    And I'm guessing Tini must hate me or something, noticing the last two times she went invisible were after arguments involving me.
    They are, they're just lazy at picking special moves for most Pokémon.
    You could use the mimic glitch, but I believe event PIDs are generated differently than other Pokémon.
    What's up foxy grandpa!?! D:<

    You are not my sister!!!! D:< But I still love you anyway! D:<<<

    Copy and paste sucker! D:<
    Your face like ~_~. It looks like an old person! D:

    Because it's the power of brother and sisterness! D:<

    Apparently Genius Sonority must be lazy.
    Unfortunately, Chansey can only learn Wish through a Gen 3 event (which I think was Japan exclusive).
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