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Archangel Azazel

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  • PokéPark Wii - Pikachu's Adventure i was filling in the missing pokemon that i didnt have and i got it done now
    breaks free with flame body ability and uses fire punch *INTERCEPTS* STEAM EVERYWHERE..............................
    Ah, often times when I listen to music, it's usually boss themes. Flight of the Zinger and Temporal Tower are a couple of noteworthy exceptions.
    I know a lot of people want Ridley as a playable character. Speaking of which, I think the next time they do a Pokémon boss, they should use Shadow Lugia as a boss.
    Crocodile Cacophony and Flight of the Zinger are a couple of my favorites to listen to.
    Sadly the only RPG I've really played is Pokémon, so I'm not too familiar with the characters in Fire Emblem. Although, I think maybe Dixie (or maybe Tiny) Kong could be an interesting addition. Or maybe Krystal from the Star Fox series.
    sorry :3 uses sweet kiss, now you forgive me and your confused XD take that!
    No you said you don't care what my avatar is so I was testing you!! :D

    Does she even have Typhlosion?! D:< I don't know I'm avoiding spoilers for the game!! Go Bidoof!!! Destroy everything attack!! D:<

    What's Pokemon...? D:
    @w@ *twirling around and falls belly down* hey i see pretty lil larticunos flying around.....spinda slaps me silly and i wake up...........*game face* rock slide !!!!!
    Ah, I've been listening to a few things from the Donkey Kong Country franchise recently.
    Yeah, after seeing her as an Assist Trophy, I would wonder why they didn't put Midna in as a playable character.
    So my avatar can be a picture of you with no clothes?! >:D

    I don't have any Pokemon I'm a salesmen trying to-wait nevermind I am a Pokemon trainer! D:< Go some-pokemon-that-I-don't-know-because-I-haven't-thought-of-my-Pokemon-White-2-team! D:<<

    Images of wat?! D:
    I can try to find some of his stuff if you want. Like his Twisted Metal alpha level.
    Meh, I wouldn't really care myself, since I've never played Megaman before.
    damn my special attack went down....PROTECT!!!! that was close......teeder dance X3
    I think you might be able to find some of my friend's stuff on youtube.
    Yeah, but I believe Konami owns Mega Man, who happens to have a lot of games on the SNES.
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