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Archangel Azazel

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  • Lmao damn. What's funny is after I sent that message I got a text and I thought it was gonna be you for a second o_O
    Well in order to get that privilege you're gonna have to actually use the number ;)
    Lmao why would I do that? That's messed up. I might send it every other day cause I'll probably forget to do it everyday. And why would you wanna do those things to me? I just wanna text you and you wanna torment my mind? Come on D:
    Well I got a taste of the dirty Armada earlier but you stopped being dirty cause you have work in the morning ;) I'll send you more private messages with my number. I should send one a day lol.
    Lmao that's still a bit long but we'll see. I sent you the number in a message cause maybe having it there will tempt you to text me. Just a evil little plan I had >:)
    I really don't know but I remember it. Not like the complete party but I remember maybe half of it. You're not gonna text me until next year? I know you said you needed time but jeez.
    Well if I switch numbers because of you then that means you're gonna blow up my phone which means you're gonna use it, like I said :D And I have a good memory. I honestly remember my first birthday. I don't know how but I do.
    Nah I'm not gonna limit you. You can stalk me all you want. At least someone does it :( I'm actually not kidding about my eye. You can barely see it. I probably notice it cause I've been looking at it for the past twenty five years. You're gonna end up using that number. Just you watch. Watch with your lazy eye lol.
    Lmao you didn't like that private message? What was wrong with it? I have a lazy eye too :O People say that they don't notice it but I notice it every single time I look in the mirror. It's just not that bad. I won't unfriend you. I'm not as mean as you are -_-
    Lmao so you stalk my VM's? Jeez. I'm gonna have to limit what you can view you little stalker :D And if your phone is away from you then I'll wait patiently the same way I wait patiently on here. Plus I could annoy you when you're working ;)
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