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  • I'm not so good at rating teams. Just wait for someone else to rate it. If no one does, just keep using the team and find its flaws.
    I just read your RMT and I love it. A lot of people say mono Ice teams are horrible, as well as Ice types in general, but as you know, that is not true. I have a mono Ice team of my own, and it works very well. I'd like to give you some suggestions for your team, but I don't have any.
    I think Hippowdon will give you some problems, as well as Fire types. On my Ice team, I have an Abomasnow as well as a Pokémon with Hail. If Abomasnow faints, I still have a way of setting up Hail should some other weather come into effect.
    If it wasn't OU, I'd suggest Cloyster, as it's a great counter to Fire types and a great sweeper in general.
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