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  • Sworn Metalhead is good with banners.

    I've never played the Tellius games, but Ike is really cool. My favourite lord is Hector.
    You should definietly play it first then! The first two titles are the best GBA games imo. You won't get the easter eggs in Dark Dawn if you don't though. What I mean by that is you won't get to know more about the characters there, which are mind-blowing if you're into the game. I'm not gonna spoil you with the first two titles hehe.
    It's a really good game, if you ask me. Although it's not on par with the first two titles, it has a story of its own, which makes it more interesting to play. I would definitely recommend it. Have you played the first two titles?
    Let's see...

    I guess, I've been playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn recently through NDS. NDS is the only game console I own. I sold my Gameboy years ago since there's already an emulator being developed. I haven't played Skyrim yet. I recently downloaded PCSX2 so that I could play FFX and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, but it turns out it was very laggy so I had no choice but to delete it.
    Good point. Children don't have that logical thinking yet, or thinking ahead of time, so I presume they are interested to see what happens then, or they could just be amazed and don't try to understand what just happened.

    I get that feeling a lot through programming and performing magic. When I run a program, I try to understand the logic behind it, and be amazed on how it happens. As for performing magic, I tend to be amazed at my own performance, which is actually weird for me compared to programming lol.
    I just hope I move really fast like before after the surgery.

    Well, not just dramatic. Epic stories should do the trick Lol.

    I assume that's for science class? Isn't the erupting volcano and such should be done in a higher level? Ah well, the children had fun there. And it seems there aren't any dangerous chemicals. Children do tend to get excited to things like experiments. I dunno why exactly.
    and then Bubchan is like bubble... yeah, my thought process is odd.)
    That actually makes sense :v but this is how my friend calls me
    Thanks. It's all his credit that I'm still alive. Actually, I am fully recovered, although, one thing still remains is that, there is one more in my left lung near the heart that is similar to the one that popped my right lung. So yeah, but it's still too small to even burst. I'm gonna be operated on again next summer, but this time I'm gonna be in the hospital for 3 days and be in tip-top shape from then on.

    Anyway, any stories you'd like to share?
    Required? That sounds more like being forced though (well, at least to me), but I respect that.

    I'll pm you my story. This vming doesn't allow 3000+ characters Lol.
    I mean, every holiday, we don't celebrate. If some just celebrate Christmas just for family, why not spend time with them every other day?

    Kinda, plus its aftermath. Wanna hear the story?
    Although I'm not quite sure about my Larvitar's nature. Heck I don't even know what kind of nature fits best for it lol.

    Ehmm about the holidays, we kinda don't celebrate them. Religious practices, of course. Yep, it's kinda nice this year in general, except this year's January -_-'
    Yeah it is beautiful. I still remember how golden it was. If I remember correctly, I think it was dirty yellow. I leveled it up until it became my powerhouse, being a Tyranitar, which is I think around the color brown.
    The above user is a ghost who haunts these forums to terrify new members.
    It is supposed to be "post a lie", not "Be spot on".
    I know that feel Lol!. I still remember that golden Shuppet I encountered in Mt. Pyre back in Pokemon Sapphire. I was searching for all Pokemon that is encountered there, and I somehow spammed the A button on Run. Then when I wasn't looking, when I already heard the *shhh* run sound, I saw that I just encountered a shiny Shuppet. God I would want to kill myself for that Lol. But yeah, the first ever shiny I caught was back in FireRed, being a Larvitar, and no shinies since then :(
    I know right? Playing guitar is my hobby, as well as playing Pokemon Lol, so it is, of course, a hard question. Platinum, HeartGold, and Black 2. I didn't get all the legendaries in any titles though, and no luck in finding shinies :(
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