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  • It is? God I just want a 3DS right now! *sigh*. Ah well, I might get it next year though. And I dunno if I should buy an electric guitar or a 3DS though. Even when I just watched a Let's Play on ORAS, it's still hyping me Lol. I'm just playing around with the NDS titles.
    Whoa, well, just be neutral. That will help a lot in not grossing out.

    I'm good, no, I feel great actually Lol. So, how's life in... Hoenn?
    I could just imagine what the person who created that thing would be like. I'm willing to bet they were stoned when doing so.

    I'm surprised people recognize me ~.^ I hardly post as much as I used to. Can't wait for people to try to talk to me about ORAS and having to tell them I don't have the game yet
    it's good that i got so many vms that it's no longer visible on my page =) it's also good that i didn't have nightmares about it eating me alive like i thought i would

    i've seen you around, so nice to meet you~
    Hey what other legendaries are you looking for? Jirachi is the only thing I don't have.
    well I am not sure how old you are wanted to go, but wii virtual console is littered with games of that nature. As stated before final fantasy 6 is one of the better ones. In addition to that Chrono Trigger is a fantastic game with great story characters etc. Chrono Trigger has a DS version which I recommend getting over the original but the original is just as good if you cant afford it. Also for DS final fantasy 3 and 4 are great games, more so final fantasy 4. Golden Sun Dark Dawn is a pretty good for ds, and Suikoden Tierkries in my opinion has one of the best plots on a handheld rpg. There is also a great game called radiant historia that i have never played myself but i am told its fantastic. If you want something along the lines of Fire Emblem type game you have Phantom Brave for Wii which is an extremely cute game that I enjoyed quite a bit and then for ds there is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift.

    So to collect the thoughts lol:
    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy 3 ds
    Final Fantasy 4 ds
    Radiant Historia
    Golden Sun Dark Dawn
    Suikoden Tierkreis
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2

    -Wii/Virtual Console-
    Final Fantasy 6
    Chrono Trigger*
    Super Mario Rpg
    Paper Mario

    Phantom Brave: We meet again (an actual wii game)

    I hope you find this helpful and let me know what you think of any of them if you happen to try them.
    Well you have the right idea about getting into final fantasy then. What consoles do you have? I have a couple more Id like to recommend that you may like.
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