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  • Indeed lucky! Is there anything in particular? The tiers are nearly always changing ;-; and I'd like to give you one you'd prefer over one that is meh lol
    Hi. I will be online the same moment you PMed me today.
    Don't forget to add me. It is in my sig
    Hi. I got you're Litleo ready. It turned out to be Hasty.
    Give me a shout when you are ready so we can have the trade!
    Sorry, I had school all day, I'll be available at about 6pm tomorrow if you'd like and if not, I'm available at 8pm your time on Thursday.
    Hey, just letting you know that your Kee berry is ready, I'll hop on the xat tomorrow afternoon (probably around 6pm your time) and see if you're there!
    Good game, that was a close match. No clue why I brought five Pokemon weak to Fairy. xD
    I can do doubles, but I've got a trade first.
    ah sorry, I don't have access to Frisk OTL. So I just gave you the speed boost one. It's in a Nest Ball, though, so at least you can use it with style haha
    thanks for the trade!
    In terms of 5IV breedjects, I've got Naive Thunder Punch Chimchar with Blaze, Impish Technician Scyther, Modest Nest Ball Yanma (all abilities), Bold Heal Ball Cute Charm Cleffa, Jolly/Adamant Overgrow Turtwig, Jolly Dusk Ball Keen Eye/Inner Focus Sneasel w/ Ice Punch, Timid Eevee (all abilities), Quick Ball Modest/Bold Mareep, Jolly Repeat Ball Darumaka, Timid Luxury Ball Litwick (both abilities), Jolly/Timid Inner Focus Riolu, Quick Ball Naughty Tynamo, Adamant Guts Heracross w/ Rock Blast, Jolly Sturdy Tirtouga, Dream Ball Bold Slowpoke (all abilities), Premier Ball Impish Gligar (all abilities), Adamant Guts Tyrogue, Level Ball Jolly Static Elekid w/ Ice Punch, Adamant Dream Ball Excadrill w/ Rapid Spin (all abilities), Adamant/Jolly Ralts (all abilities), Modest Synchronize Ralts, Safari Ball Adamant Rock Head Bagon, Timid Rotom, Adamant Defiant Pawniard, Relaxed Unaware Wooper w/ Recover, Timid Gastly w/ Disable+Perish Song, Adamant Hydration Barboach, Jolly Mold Breaker/Hyper Cutter Pinsir w/ Quick Attack, Adamant Shed Skin/Marvel Scale Dratini, Impish Skarmory w/ Whirlwind+Brave Bird (all abilities), and Bold Sableye w/ Recover (all abilities).

    I tried to do this relatively quickly, so I may have missed a few egg moves here and there.
    no problem!
    I just checked what I have in my bank right now and the pokemon I have that fit your description are Zubat and Roselia. I haven't bred many nonOU poison/steels in the past few months, unfortunately! I do have about 14 boxes full of other breedjects though, if you change your mind.

    The Zubats (all Jolly) either have EMs (Defog, Brave Bird) or are in Dream Balls with their HA, and all Roselias (Calm) have Synthesis while some are in Dream Balls with their HA.

    I'll register you in a bit; my FC is 5000-4000-2564 and my IGN is KB3. I'll be online soon!
    hi, I saw your post in the IV bred trading thread and I'm interested in a honedge and hawlucha. I can trade you two of my EM/special ball 5IV breedjects in return for them c:
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