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  • Thanks :) I see we are pretty equal on skill level now, nice nice !

    Looking forward for more matches, hope I get my Mewtwo better by then. (Goodness it gets killed at 70% :( )
    I'm training him !
    Stakeout is actually much stronger than Analytic, 2x > 1.3x, which makes it very worthwhile.

    That's an interesting point about Revelation Dance. I expect it won't work at all, but it's worth considering if it does turn out to be a viable threat, which I expect it very well may do.

    Ability wise, all in all, we've got some very promising Pokemon on our hands. I'm hoping that they live up to the hype with good stat distribution and movepools too.
    Well, we don't have base stats yet, but in particular...

    If Komala turns out with a good final evolution it could prove a good status absorber, only being affected by the rare sleep status.

    Skateout could turn Gumshoos into a pretty ok wallbreaker, but pure normal STAB is kind of limiting.

    Bruxish with Dazzling negating priority seems very intruding. Starmie / Slowbro typing too, which is fantastic.

    Should Salandit evolve, Corrosion might help out stall, being able to poison even Heatran.

    Mudsdale, should it get good recovery, could be a mad tank with its Stamina ability.

    Oricorio's dancer ability could provide a very good check to a large number of setup sweepers. Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, and even Quiver Dance users :O
    I don't play comp at the moment, as I said in the guild, but that's changing when Sun and Moon release.
    I always liked Flygon because it was a dragon based on a dragonfly <3

    I do like the only one mega rule though. Teams would be totally boring if they allowed a full team of megas. It would reduce the meta to nothing more then a mega fest :3

    I never used Destiny Bond on my Mega Ban. I've been playing it wrong :p. I know mega G can be annoying. But honestly it's so frail. I rarely have difficulty dealing with it.

    True. I'd rather have new mons tbh. Rather then "mega" or new "Formes". But what we gonna do? :/ :p
    Well there is that. I wanted Mega Flygon ;-; And mega Megainum <3

    Nooooo :p heh. Well at least you have a different viewpoint. ^^ It's nice. I prefer megas. But tis still early days yet. So my mind may change.

    But what about stuff like Mega Banette? Audino etc? Lower tiers that got a nice mega.
    That's my set :p

    Yeah. I knew it was a singles Raptor. Don't play it down. I've been wrecked by a Japanese girl's scarf Raptor. In a multi.

    I hope it doesn't. For better or worse. They've changed the meta. And to some instances. The game. I like most of the megas tbh. Even mega K and escpecially mega Mence. I mean. I just hope they don't plug it for Z moves.

    Your thoughts? It's looking like thye will get rid of megas tho ;=;
    Leftovers. And it's my off shoot Sylveons. So no Wish on it, I don't think. And funky EV's. :3

    When I saw Umbreon in team preview I knew you'd bring it. Was tempted to bring Tyranitar. But knew i'd have no answer to Umbreon. So Sylveon was selected. Tyranitar would have been useless against scarf CC anyway :p
    That quick claw crit :p

    I knew you'd go for final gambit is it? Or retaliate?

    Still, GG. Poor Ferro and Sylveon.
    [ Chris ] :p

    You should have won. That Para was totally unfair. >.<

    Effin TFlame :3

    Yeah. I've got very few mons now. And working to obtain the shiny charm all over again :3 sigh. Never mind.
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