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  • "fair" play :p
    cuz y'know forward air

    Up throw up air is actually really basic. The most you have to worry about is DI.

    Grounded footstool - immediate down air - footstool - down air - follow them and forward air is a thing but it's sadly really hard to pull off. ;-;
    Yeah, sorry about that. Very unfair for you :x

    I love Vaporeon. I usually go with

    [ Wish/Scald/Ice Beam/Heal Bell/Haze

    It's nice enough in doubles. But it's pretty tough to use :/]
    LOL! It was pretty epic xD

    Naww don't worry. It's fun just to battle tbh.

    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with having new peeps. We were all there once. Timid Leafeon with magical leaf FTW! [ Platinum <3 ]

    LOL. Will do :)

    It's not bad. In gen 4 it was OU. I've tried to use Vap in multis and it's quite tough. As opposed to say Milotic, Gastrodon, Slowbro who can all hold their own. So to speak.

    No rain ;-; :p
    I love bulky waters. Gone are the days of Vaporeon being a viable one ;-;

    Hah. Your milo is pretty neat though! Was surprised at no [ ice ] move though.

    Switching RayRay onto blizzard was priceless :p
    So Arch, if you meant that about facing other SM teams outside of the tourney, maybe we can cross poke balls during the weekend if you are interested. :p
    I don't change up my teams in tournaments, and it was like the only Pokemon j could choose. I already had 3 Ground-types to not want Nidoking, and majority of the others are weak to Poison due to Fairy or Grass-typing. Heliolisk is just frail, and Delcatty I don't have one EV'd. Plus I needed something that was like Starmie, able to resist Water for my Ground-types.
    Yeah, I actually though Scrafty would outspeed at +2, and that Milotic was a pain. Burning me, then dodging my next attack.
    My bad didn't realize the rules said we needed 3, wow I did all that preparations with 2. I need to swap out a mon now.
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