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  • [ I was the fella with the Zapdos last night. paired with Wec :3 lol.

    Yeah, things here are ok. How about you? Nice to see you back :D

    No more ubbeerrrz lol]
    Arch wtf you never went online? Everything OK man?
    Or did you mean midnight by "evening" lol
    no worries, most folks on PSS have returned to VGC15 after being bored with uber ruleset haha.

    Cant say anything about Smash, dont play it but sounds like you are up for revenge there lol
    busy being bad luck brian...... jokes aside not too much, i havent had much in the way of varying up my rain team because if i dont run kingdra scarfers are death and if i dont run pert/seismitoad than electrics are lame. plus i got school and other games ive been playing sooooo i havent been playing much.
    Strangely enough, I have more fun without items. I've almost always played with them off. A lot of hype moments happen in every match, but I feel the best ones showcase a player's skill with their character's kit. I turned an edgeguard around in a Falcon ditto, and I spiked a Lucina with the second hit only of Shulk's down air out of the blue. I play Falcon and Shulk too btw, just not as much.

    Huh, haven't seen many Zards/MKs, so I assume you'll be interesting to fight. But Toon Link... eh...
    Alright. Remember to turn off items. :p And yes, I'm fine, though much busier than ever.

    Also, who do you main in Smash? I cycle between a lot of characters for variety (and can help with matchup knowledge) but I mainly play Fox, Marth, and Lucario (not often but I can be dangerous when I do decide to pick him).
    Shame I dont do PS :/

    Well gen VII games have been announced but you probably know that already. And PSS folks got bored with VGC16 and reverted back to using OU mons most of the time (Thank Arceus!)

    Also, stop by new xat if you have time pls - http://xat.com/TheEternianForcesGuild
    It is cool (kinda tense in work rn but everything else is OK). HBU?
    Also lemme know if you want to battle ;)
    That's both my handywork!

    Survived brave bird with 2HP :O

    Something I've noticed in this gen is when a poke is paralyzed. 90% of the time first turn they are fully para'd :S

    Ahhh oki! Good luck. I never went - something I regret :3 -

    Oh yes

    Happy New Year! :D
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