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  • Yeah I noticed that =/ I think I like the newer ones now...despite the fact I can't pinpoint the differences XD Oh yeah! Doesn't one that season come on before it? Yeah it gets SO annoying @_@ they could at least show one I didn't see before XD

    Yeah same here. I hate it though how your symptoms come back when you are asleep XD; Yeah...I get exactly what you mean. It gets really creepy o.o; Most likely. I kind of hope it doesn't though XD I like to keep things small :3 it'd be sad to kind of see it change. I hope it doesn't lose that it feels sorry for others :( Yeah I know how you feel ^^; it's pretty embarrassing when you make one as well ^^; I don't like Magnezone too much, but Magnemite and Magneton are pretty cool ^^ Klink is alright too. It's uniquely cute X3 XDD I don't know. It's Bianca, I really don't think she NEEDS a reason XD I found her Zorua obsession rather funny though...and really random XD Oh really? I didn't think her dub voice was too bad actually ^^; but then again I didn't watch the new episodes.
    Yeah, they seem different in the first season though =o like a different way of doing things xD I recently started watching it, so I haven't seen the first few seasons. I know. My mom was yelling at her XD It annoyed me at how often that episode aired when I wanted to see some others >.>

    XD It made me tired >.> but I was just getting over my cold then so maybe that had something to do with it? Yeah ikr? It's creepy DX Fanboys creep me out a lot more than fangirls ._. XDDD I hope it'll stay a Dwebble but it might evolve. I think Ishi is strong enough already XD Yeah I know it's weird. Just wish I could remember which ones =/ Eh I wouldn't put too much thought into typos. They happen to everybody ^^; (but I do agree they are ANNOYING DX) XDDD I want to get one now because I like how they move like a gear system XD That's true. I didn't like how she interrupted Dento's battle >.> but she still is funny though at least (and let's be happy that she's not in every episode o.o)
    Ok ok! ^^ I wondered what happened to you ^^; that happens to me all the time back in FL >.> Yeah I saw that! We need to start thinking of names XDD
    Omg. Purrloin epi comes out. ;_; It doesn't seem like a capture
    Eh it's alright XDD No I don't think I do haha ^^; that's probably why I was lost XDD; N does, but that's one of his charms :3 True, I think they get on my nerves too sometimes, but mostly it's the "good" kind of annoying XD if there is such a thing. Nah you didn't offend me, I understand XD
    XDD I saw that! ^^ Good for you. I guess we'll find out soon. Then we'll have to start thinking of some names XDDD Yeah ikr? The lack of common sense is just....ugh. I saw an OLD one of ISBA today that I hadn't seen before ^.^ Yeah I know. Did you see the one with the girl who got stuck in the Grand Canyon with her dog Coa Coa or something? She TOOK off her backpack with everything she had and lost it -_-

    XDD Yush it does. It was good though :p For Gardevoir O.O it's pretty CREEPY. I can't ship Pokemon x Human unless it's unconditional ^^; XDD I hope Dwebble stays the same :3 Ithink it's cute how it is, regardless the voice ;) Ah I see. I think it IS only 10 now that I look haha ^^; but that's because all of the pictures that were irrelevent were untagged and some were removed. We'll get more though for sure ^^ Yeah, that happens to me too XDD I normally don't catch them, but that one was well...contradicting XDD o.o I don't think any of them have a mouth XDD Yush pleeeeaase catch one. They are ADOrABLE!!!
    Yeah I knew Ghetsis was trouble as well XDD Lol! I don't know. I'm lost and trying to make some sense of that XDD Yeah same here. I'd do that all the time. That's how I said like "Yes" to something he said and I didn't want to XDD It wouldn't surprise me ^^; I like Bianca a lot. She reminds me of me when I get hyper XDD
    XDD Rofl. If you want to ^^ Yeah that's true as well o.o but then again some of what they do is just NOT common sense either. Many times if they stopped and thought about what they were doing it'd never have happened ^^;

    ;_; I don't know. I drank some tea and I'm falling asleep on my computer XDD I'm might have to get off soon XD Oh gosh...it's PikaShipping XDD I could never Pokemon x Human in a romantically way o_O I don't even get how some people have these weird fetishes for Gardevoir. It's kind of creepy...XDD Yeah it probably will be...oh gosh it'll be weird. I don't think Dwebble has to evolve though ^^; XDD I've seen that too. I just laughed at it XDD Ah, it was a typo then XDD No matter. I don't mind Klink but it's final evo is strange. XDDDD Catch the kitty instead!!
    XDD I understand. That happened to me too. I read his info on Bulba ^^; or it might have been on here..:x XDD I thought he was being a liar or something :p but that was Ghetsis. XDD That's funny. N did talk pretty fast though ^^; so it's easy to miss it or completely not understand him. XDD MOST LIKELY they will XD Oh yeah..I hope Bianca stays with them.
    XDD Cabby is rather fun to ship though ^^ I'm not sure really ^^; Yeah I know. I don't think I would be able to too. =o It's scary though if you think about it ^^;

    XDD I see. I tend too to, but even though I found Snivy cool I thought she'd turn out different than she did..if that makes sense? XD I liked Bayleef. I guess it could get a bit annoying how she'd tackle Ash over though ^^; XDD I doubt it's voice will become better..maybe just more fitting? XDD No it doesn't...but it being a female would be pretty funny XDD Wait..do you mean not a huge fan or a huge fan? (I got confused because you feel like a hater ^^;) XD I could see him wanting one too, or maybe thinking it's cool. Yush. I'm happy XDD
    OMG same here. Until I spoilered myself with his past. I thought it was him lying. I didn't know he actually viewed Pokemon as his friends ^^; XDDD OMG same here. I'd do that too. Only once I read his question wrong =/ so I clicked the one I didn't want ;_; Really? I see most of them on yt. I don't see many on like say, bgmf where every moderater loves him XDD Dento's fangirls would NEVER say anything mean ;) they like him being perfect XDD Rofl..it's like IsshuShipping Ash style XDD Yeah they probably would -_- They could probably all fit into one XD
    XDD That sounds good ^^ Probably not :p but you never know I guess XD We could always try like..Kenny x Cabby XDD Yup. Well I don't forget but it's pretty mind blowing, ya know? It's just hard to imagine them surviving that ^^;

    I thought Snivy was pretty cool, but I thought she was a bit too much like Treecko. I like her even better now ^.^ XDD I want to raise one now :p that's on my list coz it took me forever to find one XDD Yush he does. That's true =o meh oh well~ I have a Crustle so it's not too bad XDD XDD Yeah that's Stunny for ya! ;D (some people say it's a she. It's probably a he though) oh sorry. I mean like Klink or whatever it's called in English (actually with him being a Science Nerd and all it's kind of fitting XDD) XDD I hope they do, but they don't have to do as much battling. Then again, both of them have rivals ;) Ugh. Just FORGET about the Pink!! XDD I didn't mean it~
    XDDD N is great. Yeah I know. I see them especially on Youtube...they say some pretty nasty things :< his fangirls don't though XDD I bet they ARE jealous XDD I'd hope they would. Most likely they won't because we have to remember they like Ash too ^^; Maybe it'll be ASH and N!!!! :DDD and Dento and Iris can be in one ^.^ I mean, even if Ash and Iris end up in the same car thingy Ash wouldn't be gentlemanly enough to ask her. If he did it'd just be friendly XD
    XDD Ok!~ Yeah that's true. ROFL. Yeah that's true too. Let's work on BARRY XDD Yeah I know. But it's INTENSE XDDD Yeah. That's true :p

    XDDD YUSH SHE DID. That's what I liked XDD Yeah I know :< but I like the kitty T_T he deserves one.~ At least Pansage is cute :3 Ishizumai is KIND OF but still the more....awkward kind of cute. I know Iris like Ishi a lot XD Stunny is just derpy, but charming in it's own way. Dento will probably have like...something else next...like Gear XDD Some people doubt Dento will get more than 3 Pokemon though ._. I think Dento should get equal to Iris. XDD No. I just named her CHERRY because the name Cherry popped into my head for a Litwick XDD I didn't even go by colors =o xD Yeah true ^^;
    There's N =) XDD Again. N proves your point XDD Yeah I'm glad Dento isn't one either >.> of course his bashers say him being a gentleman makes him too perfect *sigh* he just makes them jealous u_u XD Probably not. I'm hoping they'll get stuck on it. Maybe Dento will ask Iris while Ash has his Gym Battle. Maybe Bianca will drag Ash on there XD so then Dento decides to drag Iris X33
    XDD Only if you want to. I don't care enough to want to desperatley come up with every crack ship name for Cabby XDD It IS fun though. I would have been happier if LavenderTaste was kept T_T Yeah, but that's part of what I like about the show XDD I always think "DO THEY DiE?" and they are right there telling the story XDD ROFL! Yup that is true. Probably fits Iris as well XDD jk jk

    Yeah same here. She's easily one of my favorite Pokemon for Ash ^^ Yeah same here >.> Emolga...just ick...YUSH!! Purrloin is. X3 Ever since you mentioned that I reeally want him to get one XDD I'll give up my beach scene for that to happen :p I hope so. Ash and co. have never caught the Pokemon I'd like them to >.> I DID? Holy cow I must not have been thinking XDD LOL well Eelektross are pretty slow though ^^;
    XDDD Well I pictured he'd be nice to his Pokemon though ^^; I'd probably be annoyed at Dento as well though lol. I'm happy he's sweet and optimistic. The fact he's a gentleman makes him sweeter :33 XDDD TRio is a neat abbreviation for Team Rocket (and that they are a trio, so TR for Team Rocket so TRio XDD) I hope Dento asks Iris to ride on the ferriswheel with him x3
    XDD I see. That's fine though XDD I still think it is sort of cracky XDD It probably wouldn't be. It'd be called.....SOMETHING WiTh COFFEE (I honestly don't want to ask again they'll think Cabby is my bicycle or somehting XD) I pay attention too. Sometimes I think the people DID die, but they were just saving them for the end ^^; that's a relief though. Probably XD They always feel stronger thinking they can tame a savage beast ^^;

    Probably. I'm DEFINITElY on Snivy's side. Snivy is just so awesome X333 Well I just don't like how Emolga is soo jerkish though. I mean if it was like Pachi I probably wouldn't be mad at it. I sometimes procrastinate too ^^; I TRY and WANT to get things done early though XDDD Yeah same here. Most of the time I think I did terrible, but actually I did good ^^ I reaaallly hope Dento gets the Purrloin. That would be awesome X333 That's true, but we won't know till they are revealed ^^; D= I did? I don't remember that XD she's just normal and there is no differences XDD Elektross is named Tiny because she was tiny when she was a Tynamo X3 Ah I see XD I like them X3 They are my sweethearts :33
    I like how optimistic he is because honestly I thought he'd be snooty and degrading XDD LOL True. I don't think I could either XDD Something should, because TRio is planning something there with the ferris wheel I think XD

    Yeah I see XDDD OMG that's terrible D=
    XDD Well I ran out of txt space :p XDD I didn't think Paul x Cabby was TOO cracky. Just kind of. I got it. Barry x Cabby!!! :D I'll keep an eye out next time then ^^ Possibly. I hope so XD I really like that show :3 just not when people die :< IKR? A little cat would be the best friend they could ever have. Same with a dog, but you don't see many people take in a wolf or a hyena or something XD

    She's adorable. Too bad she's such a little lazy diva >.> I hope she does though too XD well kind of. And kind of not. I get pleasure out of calling her a lazy diva coz I was mad at those things in the game XDD I'm on Snivy's side!!! XDD Yeah same here. I normally try to get things done quickly and spend the rest of the day doing stuff I like XD but when it comes to essays and such I put a lot of effort into them @_@ Yeah kind of like that XDD Purrloin really DOES fit Dento. I'm reaallly hoping he gets one. If he does, I'll be HAPPY with the writers. Probably more than with my beach scene (I mean, c'mon there'll be one eventually XD) Plus if it evolves it could rival Cabby's Stoutland, so it'd be perfect for him! X3 PLEEASE get one Dento!!! XDDD OMG Hopefully not XDD
    Yeah it does. It makes me feel sad inside :( I miss the pretty song ;_; XDD We're not running out of chances. They only aired one movie so far XDD They should air probab 2 or 3 more movies XDD Nah. I just liked that name for her. No exact reason really ^^; Yeah I understand. I think I nicknamed my whole team this time =o Samurott= Miju, Chandelure= Cherry, Eelektross = Tiny, Zoroark = Meema, Unfezant = Doveheart, Mienshao = Laurel X33 Yeah I'd think it'd happen one time XD unless sulky Dento counts as depressed Dent. That lasted for about 2 seconds XD He IS the group's optimist.
    I mean c'mon Miyano VOICES him!! And he LIKES singing!!! (I'm hoping for a movie ending song by him :D) No it's not shiny. I just named her that coz she looked like a "Cherry" to me XD I give my Pokemon unusual nicknames haha ^^; Yeah I want to see a depressed Dento. It'd be interesting. I'm still waiting for an Ouran Reference and my beach scene though XDDD I like how he's always happy though. It's a good trait :D but that makes the depressed, angsty Dento even better to see XD You could think of something that makes your face warm XDD That'd probably work. XDD I probably would as well ^^;

    Ugh yeah, I know how that is. It's terrible DX Nah it's not cold in the summer (sometimes I guess, but it's been really hot out lately XD) it's always hot in Florida except around January, Feburary XDD It's COLD.
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