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  • I dunno. Something probably insane or right in front of our face XDD I didn't think Paul x Cabby HAD a name though ^^; WAT?!? It did? :< I could have watched it ;_; XDD Pretty much :D I loved that show too. I wonder what happened to it? I can't believe people would think that way though. I'm sure the animals are smart but they aren't domesticated. If they want a 700 pound Tiger, just get a 7 pound cat. It's portible :D

    Yeah same here. Sure she's cute but she's such a lazy b*tch, and I still think the only reason why she was traveling with Iris was because of apples :x sure she rescued her, but I really think she's there for the free food. Maybe that'll give Iris more development >.> but really? I see a lot of her fanboys like Emolga probably for that reason. I don't like lazy things DX I put a lot of work into my school work and stuff I can just easily compare Emolga to the lazy kids in school >.> plus it didn't help that the episode aired when the fishing one was supposed to, and the fact I recently battled Elesa and lost like 4 times to those darn Emolgas. Then I went to find one and I didn't know it was in the shaky grass so I went to get a trade (something I didn't want to do) so yeah. In short, all of this stuff really made me dislike Emolga. I'm really hoping Dento gets a Purrloin. I could just see it debut try and take his silverware XDDD It sounds weird in the dub though. D= I know. That song was great. I don't like this rap >.> I mean for one thing they are just using something that was made a WHILE ago. Rofl, they should.
    Yeah same here XDD Yeah I guess so XDD I hope we can name ONE pairing XDDD Well I'd figure out how to watch them some how ;) I wish I could >.> but it doesn't look like I can at all here. XD True...like owning a tiger :D *It was only PLAYING* hence why it bit off their head ;)

    XDDD Stunfisk is waaaay better than Emolga imo. I hate that little lazy flying squirrel >.> XDDD Stunfisk..I wasn't going to put it pass the writers to give him one. I just wish he could have a cute Pokemon somehow. Yanappu is cute :3 especially in the anime. It looks a bit weird in its Sugimori work ^^; but it looks fine in the games/anime/manga etc. xDDD Get over the old man's voice!! xD Didn't they all sound like that? XDD Yeah :'( I honestly miss Kokoro no Fanfare...it was so pretty. This song is just...Yick. I want a song sung by Dento DX and it better be cute and catchy. I don't even watch the ending ^^; I don't know. After it was after Ishizumai I joked Dento would get it :p and he did. XDD I own a Chandlure..her name is Cherry :3 It's pink XDDD a very pretty pink I think XDD Dento's just opening up...A LOT XDDD no other character has ever been that....vibrant XDD It's impossible to please everyone. Especially on this site DX o_O it would be. "Am I blushing yet?" XDD Yeah same here. I hope he DOES appear :<

    Oh yeah, I can imagine haha ^^; XDD I'd rather be warm than cold enough where you can't do anything about it DX like we'd have the heat on, but it'd be still really cold. Yup! It is. XDD Yeah I can picture that happening.
    *snaps fingers* Aw dratz. It's already named PoisonWineShipping >.> Oh well...XD True. They should be on again anyways ^^; That is TRUE. XDD Well they probably wouldn't have eaten us XD

    I don't think so. It thinks its the best thing ever XDD Yeah, I'm glad it debuted early as well ^^ XDD True. I was happy he got one. Well I would be happy with whatever Pokemon Dento would catch XD Stunfisk proved that XDD Well...Yanappu is pretty cute at least ^^ and Ishizumai is cute :D I lul that Stunfisk is the last Pokemon on the "Can you name the Pokemon" ending XDD I wonder if Dento will get a Litwick? XDD It'd be perfect for him as long as it doesn't kill him =/ XDD IKR? Well whatever XD Fisk....like fish and disk XDD and swedish for fish I think XDD Yeah, there's a lilly called that too ^^ it's pretty! Oh really? I've seen Free Willy before X YES IT WOULD BE!!! Glad you agree XDD Ok ok...a lot XDD I like this showy Dento a lot :3 I wish though they could even it out a bit....just a BIT to save people on here from complaining. I love it how everyone loves Dento because of his flying Stunfisk. People thought people would have been mad XDD If your face feels warm I think it means you're blushing. I don't know if I do though either because I don't look in a mirror to tell XDD YUSH he does. What a nice guy! XDD
    Yeah same here :x I'm hoping he made a cameo in TP/TR episodes ^^; XDDD Well think of it like a perfect spring day :D

    Yup. I'll try ^^; it seems different. It looks like a nice school :D very enviromental friendly ^^ XDD It does seem a bit nice. Meh who cares XDD PROBABLY. We'll probably keep going XDD
    Lol I doubt it's been taken, but you never know~

    XD I don't want to miss it anymore ;_; I've been watching America's Got Talent though XDD Welll most pets were bred that way to be your companion. Why they were, we'll never know XDD

    XDD You can make fun of Stunny and it'd be a CoMPLIMENT XDD I love how people figured it'd be the Dunsparce of this region. XDD Yush it did. I was ticked for a while until it debuted. I thought Dento might catch it so I started raising one, it wasn't soo bad. Then I thought he wouldn't and OMG double capture!~ That hasn't happened in the history of Pokemon XDDD It's sort of funny with it's evil smile XD I still can't swallow pretty boy Dento got one XDD They like to give him sort of "weird" Pokemon in a way xD ..........You know that fEELS joke I made....I honestly did that on accident XDDD It makes sense. Well Stunfisk are based off of a stargazer..who are kind of similar to an electric eel, so it makes sense XDD YUSH!! I love that movie. I have it here actually XD Who knows? Maybe after this battle Stunny would want to battle more and do that. Imagine the FIRST time TRio blasts off, and it's from Stunfisk XDDD He's still the same person ^^; he just came out of his shell a bit more. I think some people just blush more than others ^^; Yeah he needs another episode to show it :3 he's shown it a lot with Iris at least ^^ I mean, there was BW009 and BW036 (probably more if we fish for it ;) Who knows? Ash and N have a lot alike XD Yush! And Dento is.....? Um....warm? XDD

    Ugh. I'm jealous too :mad: but I sort of excuse it now because I'm going to college ^^; XDD Aw don't worry about it XDD oh dear. I'm honestly excited for Aug 1 and 2. Is that a bad thing? XDD I bet the thread will be running a bit crazy for those two days XDD Yeah that's how I imagined him as well.
    XDD Yeah, it'll be a lot easier. Plus we have DVR so I can record what I want. Probably why I don't know the schedule XD I think it's really sweet. Kind of....creepy in a way I guess XDD

    XDDD I think I'm Stunfisk immune. I hated it for a while though. Just because I tried catching one and when it'd pop out of the ball each time it'd get it's troll face on DX o_O IKR? They put some.....really good thought into that one *shudder* I don't know of anyone who likes it ^^; XD Well it did with Volt Switch so maybe that's where I got some of the idea. I mean, it just fEELS like it does XD True o.o I guess that's why it flies ;) XDDD I'd love the wingulls try to go after it saying "MINE~ Miiiiine~" and Stunny just gets all trollish and uses thunderbolt on them XDD Eh they probably won't. I'm beginning to think that Iris calls Dento a pain more than she calls Ash a kid o.o XD I'd laugh if Iris just snapped one day with that (and she'd be blushing XDD) Well he's still good natured at least. It's not going any place XDD I want another episode similar to Ishizumai's because it showed how nice he was XD Oh yeah he was also nice in Iris's Excadrill one. So yeah, he's still there XDD LOL Yeah pretty much ;) oh Ash..don't you ever get tired of the monsters? XDD I guess it'd be safe to say Pod is "hot" XDD

    Wow, lucky XDD I know my friends in MI start in Sept. DX I don't get that. That's true. My friends here take forever to get out XDD EXACTLY. ....Now I'm sort of creeped with that spoon XDDD I think things are settling down now :) crack keeps trying to come back though XDD Thank GOODNESS. At least he's friendlier than he loks ^^;
    XDD My parents always do that to me >.> XDDD It's sort of nice when pets do that though :3 It makes me feel loved XDDD They are such sweeties.

    XDD I didn't think Stunfisk was that ugly actually. Trubbish wasn't too bad, but Garbodor was O.O CREEPY. It STILL sends chills down my spine ._. XDD Stunfisk will probably be the next Psyduck :p wouldn't it be funny if it came out on its own? XDD I loved how those tiny fins were actually getting it some place XDD Be FREE Stunny XD Be free!! :D Maybe Dento will use it as a carrier Stunfisk to send notes to his brothers? XD I know D= there doesn't need to be no tourney for it. Maybe the kid jokes will stop lol. Then they'd focus on her calling Dento a pain :D I honestly think she's hiding affection for Dento when she says that XDD Dento is such a sweety :3 I want to see more of his good nature-like when he was kind to Iris ^^ XDD James most certainly did XDDD Um.....Probably Ash. That's about it XD Brock would be jealous of Dento. I can say that at least XD Pod's hair probably is fire XD

    Ugh :( mine starts the 22, I'm not looking forward to it >.< I don't know. Probably because the manga PokeDex owners are normally 11 XD plus it makes her a year older than Ash XD He probably does o.o maybe that's where this spoon crack comes from XD This ship WAS normal a week ago XDDD >.< Ugh his beard freaks me out. I got use to it though XD XDDD that's easy to figure out. I remember it took me a while to figure out bishounen/bishie stuff till I looked it up XD and this reply is rather late XD
    XDD Really? I didn't get to watch it >.> my parents turned it on me after I turned it. Oh yeah I can imagine ^^; my dogs do that all the time to my mom. It was funny with me and my cat Gracie. I was walking to different rooms and it was dark and I'd turn around AND SHE WAS THERE. I'd leave and go to my room AND SHE WAS THERE XDD It was funny really XDDD My dogs always wanna be scratched ^^;

    XDD Yeah same here. Yeah I noticed that. I didn't even think Stunny was THAT derpy XDD Flying Stunfisk is just HILARIOUS XDDD Yeah >.> I mean, what's the point of that battle? Ash and Iris can battle anytime they want >.> XDDD I meant for him to battle her. Not abuse her XDD Dento's not like that XD Nope!~ He never would. Only his bishie side XDD I think James is jealous of him as well. Who wouldn't be jealous of him? XDDD Pod would like fire :p

    I'm happy there's no school though ^^; I don't like it >.< Oh yeah. I keep thinking she's 11 XDDD Probably not. But to get Dento to pay ATTENTION to her she might XDDD There's so much crack in this ship its not even funny XDD Ok. Well it is XDD o.o His beard is scary DX I don't like it. XDDDD IKR? That's where "bishie" comes from XD
    Wow. Sorry for this late reply XD (which reminds me of your previous PMs XDD) I honestly thought I responded to this (I was tired this morning XDD)
    Yeah same here. I think Untamed and Uncut is on now *goes to change channel back because parents are busy xD* Well that's good to hear! ^^ I bet she can get tiring though XD Yeah my dogs are about 4ish. They are all a year apart XD Yes they are! My mom complains how he's such a pain pest because he wants attention XD

    YES. Stunny can fly. At least that part is right XDDD :< I don't want her to win >.< I don't even want her battling Ash. Dento should battle her to put his girlfriend in the right place :D but I don't think Dento would want to show Iris his scary side ^^; OF COURSE. Team Rocket are afraid of Dento. I've also noticed it's HIM who "picks" them out the most xD I think he's as good guy version of Team Rocket XDD He doesn't like ghosts....climbing trees...or fire XDDD

    Yeah I agree there, there's plenty of people I don't wish to see >.< but other than the work it's nice to see your friends at least ^^ XDD Yush.. OMG That would work XDDD I can picture her in a (rather) tight silver dress to try and get his attention. It's pretty lulzy since it's working in my head XDD Yeah that's true. Gosh so many things for crack day though. I'll laugh if we'll get a lot of crack fics XDD Drayden's cooler than I'll admit, but his beard is scary. XDDDDD Oh...bishounen (if you couldn't find something) just means "beautiful boy/youth" XDD Yeah it sure did. I'll get to that one right now ^^; I get so worked up finding the episode I miss a lot of replies....woops. Like this one. I honestly don't know how this got past my radar and I stared at like 3 times XD Sorry ^^;
    Yeah same here >.> I need to check it more often though. Aww your dog sounds cute ^^ XDD Yeah that's a lot like Regis XD My dogs are all terrible walkers haha...:) Yup! He's a miniature poodle :3 he's really sweet and affectionate.

    Yeah >.> but it's battling Dento's FLYING Stunfisk. How does it win?!? Maybe the info was ALL wrong XDD (I'd like that actually XD) :< I don't know why they don't...maybe Iris will win it FOR Dento!! ^^ Probably not though. Yush. He should. It'd be really cute ^.^ XDD Yush. Bishie flowers. It looks like this time they had the background be blue, pink, green for his actual Tasting Time. It could be coz he was using Ishizumai though XDD I love his fishing time. It's his weirdest most awesome side to him xDD (well to me at least)

    X3 Yes he is. Yeah I don't like school either, but I like seeing my friends. XDDD Rofl Iris better be jealous of the spoon...and other tableware XDDDD Yup, that way we won't be burned out XDD o.o I know....I thought he was like....60 or something. That guy's so creepy *shudder* XDD Dento's like the TRUE bishounen XDD which I think that's why some people say Dento is "flawless" I think they aren't looking into his bishounen self right XD Yeah, I still found it weird though. It's great that they do at least.
    Ah yeah maybe @_@ That's probably it. I need to figure out the Animal Planet guide...for real XDDD Rofl if you say so. You'd love my dog Regis. You don't take him for a WALK. You take him for a RUN X33 That little guy loves running so much. He's got short legs and he's a POODLE of all things XD

    I KNOW. He lost to a Larvesta >.> and then Iris won with Axew. It's just a battle though, maybe Larvesta knew Solar Beam? I wish Dento made it farther though. People say he's perfect yet they act like he's one of the weakest DX I think Dento IS the strongest trainer on the main cast (well atm) he's got experience and strategy to back him up. Yush he should be. I'd love to see like in a movie or something Dento get in front of Iris to protect her :3 that'd be soo cute ^.^ If you look at some of his backgrounds you can see flower shaped thingies. I don't know wut to call them...bishie flowers? XDDD No he wouldn't. I like how they used to blue one for his fishing side though XDD

    XD Yes it is. That's what I like about him. He wouldn't be Dento ^.^ Ugh yeah school is the thing I'M not looking forward to at all DX XDD It's not TOO bad but it has potential of getting there. I think we should save it for crack day XDDD I seen some people online say they did o_O it's...very pedo-ish and gross. Well there WAS James, but Dento was the first bishie on the main cast ^.^ XDD Yeah same here. I was all "Wut?!? Guys ship?!" XDDD YES! Indeed! :3
    D= Really? I wasn't sure what came one because we were just turning it. It seemed...warish? But I remember they had an episode rather similar to it before so I thought that was it. Boo. That sucks DX X3 It's fun. It's the one thing that'll get me wanting to run XD

    Yeah I KNOW. See what happens is that Dento lost to Luke with Stunfisk and Iris beat Luke with Axew (really?! >.>) I hope he cheers for Iris. It'd make me feel better about this match up :D IF Dento beat Luke, there would have been Dento vs. Iris >.> oh well. Better friends than rivals/enemies, right? ^^ I think he might feel a bit protective over her. If that's a case that's always welcome XDDDD I had to post it X3 Eh it's ok. The bubbles are always forgotten XDD I like how they'll put flowers into his backgrounds though :3 Dento sticks out with a sore thumb XDD I think that pink background makes him pop out more ^^

    Yeah...that's true xDD I guess it would be normal for him to be weird :p LOL yeah same here. The only GOOD thing in August XDDD Yeah there's no way it would XD I think Tykira has some good ideas going right now X3 (you might want to check that out XDD) Yeah, that's true. Well...maybe except..Iris x Drayden *shudders* XDDD YES IT DOES. It screams cute and bishie XDD Probably ^^; I was surprised there were male shippers though tbh ^^; XDD Sometimes they are the most memorable as well lol
    Oh wow. XDD Yeah that's true ^^; but he was still a little upset. Tennis is quite hard ._. but it was fun though :D XDD I am! Not paying much attention though because I'm on here XDD Yeah, it is. It's funny though XDD

    The final battle is Ash vs. Iris DX well I dunno if that's good or not, but I wanted Luke to win =/ I wonder who Dento will cheer for? (he better cheer for Iris coz he wuvs her XDD Well he does seem to baby her a bit, in a way. Like going easy on their practice battle, winking at her when she made a smart decision when battling Bianca, so it's possible that Dento could see Iris as the "underdog" and root for her :3) DX I'll try and stay patient. I hope we get something as well for the plot XD Rofl that's a good way to think of his mind. If you're wondering about the BUBBLES...
    Rofl...that's an interesting way to be "normal" XDD lol yes all hell WILL break loose. It'll be a very interesting TWO days. I betcha NegaiShippers want a Crack Day XDD Yes be sure to be online. The more the merrier ^^ It just seems to be a cutesy kind of ships but all of them are cute I guess. Holy cow, it might be Dento making it cuter after all XDD I think he does too o.o Eh I don't know anymore. Maybe it's just some of them? I think more girls are shippers in general though ^^; XDD IKR? Sometimes the pointless thngs are the funniest XD
    Oh wow, that wasn't too long ago XD It's different with me. This happened when I was about 8 years old or something XDD I can't remember how I quit, it was a long time ago. I joined the Tennis Team though in High School. Ah I see (almost like me with I Shouldn't be Alive) I don't know wut we have. XDDD It comes on at 9 here though. A re-run that I've seen before is on though :D Yeah my parents like it. It's something they look forward to XDD along with The Bachlor/Bachlorette, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Love in the Wild etc etc XDDD

    YUSH. Ugh did you hear about the final battle? It was in the preview I think. I want to see what happened XDD If not BACKSTORY we need that. I imagine it's a sparkly place with cake and bubbles XDD and when you upset him it's like writing a check in those credit card commercials XDD everything just shuts down for a while, until he forgets about it and everything is HAPPY 8D again XDDD It will be hectic. Those days will be pretty busy I bet~ XDD Hopefully we may get more members...MAYBE XDD They shouldn't, but I think Wishful might seem too....cute for some guys XDD I also think guys like to have their favorite girl shipped with Ash ^^; I see that a lot in (some) Ash ships. I think most pearlshippers were guys, along with Advance but I'm not too sure though. XDD That's pretty funny. It's like texting and talking to a friend right by you XDD
    XDD WOW. We have a lot in common then. I was forced into playing golf as well for about that time (or longer) I had my own golf clubs, gloves etc. My dad wasn't TOO mad but he wishes I had stuck with it because I wasn't too bad at playing XD Yeah they do come on too much. I'm watching Untamed and Uncut. Ugh and I can't watch it DX because America's Got Talent comes on that time and I would NEVER be able to watch something during that time D= I'd get into trouble >.>

    YUSH something I can watch XDDD Yeah same here. I'm a bit...excited for that match? XDD As well to see why Ash had a full belly XDD like did he get into an eating contest? Rofl I love it how Dento does that. I'd like to see Dento's world someday XDD That episode was MUCH better subbed ^.^ Crack day I believe is Aug. 2 (at least that's what xxGlassRose said) there is SOME male fanbase. I think it's only Ben_pokemon and Pearlmasterking (I think Ice_Wolf but I'm not too sure) we have waaaay more females XDD NegaiShipping is filled with guys though. I still hate Gary for no reason XDDD Nothing against anyone. That's just something from my childhood lol. OOH ok I see XDDD My friend CALLED me in the car when she was sitting in the car seat next to me XD (just something with phones :p)
    XDD Well that's probably a GOOD thing ^^ my dad's obsessed with golf lol...if that counts for ANYThING XDD I've had cranberries ONCE I think. They taste pretty good XDD Yeah true. I'll watch anything on Animal Planet (I get sick of cop shows though)

    Well I honestly can't say I find Dento to be the funniest person. I just find him to be adorable and sweet XDD So yeah, I do find his cockiness to be charming XDD I loved the moment between him and Iris (which is my avi) how Dento's all "EXACTLY" about that what they were doing isn't a game and Iris is all "The same applies to you" XDD I can't get annoyed with Dento either, though I do want new episodes with him out right now XDD Yes they do. I really hope they do at least XD. I'd like the same response from Iris too :p XDD Yeah...I wonder what'll happen on crack day...and if any male fanbase will join XDD I didn't like Gary so I didn't care XDD It just shows the craziness of the fans I think XDD It was about the phone echoey thingy
    XDD That's true :D I know it's tough for my mother to do that (she's not incredibly overweight or anything, but she's older now ^^;) I don't know XD all I know it was the original and I didn't like it much ^^; I like fruit juice though XD the only things that can come between me and water is cranberry juice and lemonade XDDD I see. I NEED to do that :p XD

    Yush it is :3 I love his gentlemanliness. His cockiness is charming though and not annoying at least XD They are! Pansage is a chibi Dento XDD Actually...I got that image off of a fanart picture only he wasn't shirtless XDD ;_; I know. It was all my fault XDDD I'm still laughing how it snowballed though :p Actually's Jessie's did change. The only one who didn't was Gary XDD YUSH. Join WishfulShipping Thread. Here we give you spam and health food XDD o_O Really? XDDD
    XDD I'm not trying too hard though, I figure the longer I can stay skinny it's better XD but I pretty much eat whatever the heck I want anyways XDD I DON'T KNOW XD It was at a friend's house. I think it was the original though. It was the first time I had vegitables in a JUICE before XD I have an addiction to water. Ah I see, I was really picky with shows ^^; I still am actually.

    XDD Yeah same here. Dento's gentlemanliness is one of the reasons I like him so much. We've never had a true gentleman like Dento ^^ Iris even called him one X3 Yeah same here. XDDD Well if you imagine him smiling with his bangs down, sparkling and with his shirt off it's not too hard to imagine a sexy Dento XDD I kNOW. I don't get how I can do that. I'll just mention something off the wall and see where it goes from there XDD Oh wow. I look at them before so I can loook at it SOME HOW XD I see..it's hard for them to grow on me ^^; I just can't bring myself ot like them. YUSH. That's what you get ^^ It's perfect XD Yeah I know. It's sooo weird!!! Like Trip XDD
    XDD Yeah, good point. I generally eat healthy, but we don't have much here in MI ^^; but meh...I actually need to gain weight anyways xDDD I didn't like V8 DX it tasted too vegitabley and spicy to me XD lol I just drink water. Water is my my life XD I go through like 3 or 4 bottles a day XDD I see. I watch the same things xDD I was a picky show watcher when I was little. Yush, that's true ^^

    XDD I thought Dento WOULD be a flirt watdya mean he wouldn't be sexy?!? D= XDDDD but it turns out he was just Sommeliering XDD Yeah we probably do. It'd help us from spamming at random. I'm excited for crack day though XDD Yeah I hate that too >.> but meh there's nothing we can do about it. Oh I see. I get up early and look at the screenshots XD Yeah I see. My opinion changed as soon as the va's changed DX YES THEY SHOULD. Join us. We have health food XDDD Yeah same. Especially if you hear yourself on the telephone O.O
    I see XDD I normally do eat healthy though. I'm not a big eater or anything. When I drink stuff I drink water lol I don't like too much soda. If I DO drink soda I'll drink water afterwards because I drink when I'm thirsty XDD Lol I likey popcorn but I don't like it too much. My favorite food is probably fruit XDD When I was younger I didn't like many shows. I'd watch some Disney, Animal Planet, Pokemon and classics. I didn't change much, did I? I just slapped off Disney XDDD I see. I MIGHT want to be a vet, but I'd rather study animals or work with behavior or something

    XDDD I DOn'T KNOW!!! No one could, he's an epidemic XDDD Probably because sexy, flirty Dent sounds just almost OOC from him but NOT XDD Posting on that thread was awesome :3 It'll be normal...except for CRACK DAY XD I KNOW, how can people say he's a clone? D= Yeah....you probably do ^^; Eh I don't care about the dub anymore XD yeah, but you could get up early on Thurs. like I do XDDD TRUE but people seem to like it a lot, it's growing on them more. They are focusing on it now instead of I ship them together because I want _____- to stay away from __________ XDD Oh yeah, same here >.< I hate listening to my voice. I don't even know hardly want I sound like though XDD It's weird. Neither have I =/ I watch older epis though
    XDDD YES. I DID. XDDDDDD I'm not that big of a fan of popcorn but it's one of those things I look forward to *shot* I got to start eating better lately. I've been feeling sick DX I love soft pretzels :3 I don't get them often though XD Yeah what you say makes sense. ^^; I never really watched it too much :p I watch a lot more Animal Planet or old classicals actually XDD

    XDDD Well I just said it for it to be funny. I wasn't expecting people to point it out and go on it more XDDD It just made me laugh. Last night was like one of the best nights ever XD (wow. I'm going to grow up to be a troll or something XDDDD) Yeah probably. Especially the people on the fence XDD I probably would have been scared away IF I DIDN'T START IT XDDDD Dento should rule XD he'd be a wonderful ruler :3 Well he was recieved badly at first ^^; maybe not as bad as Iris (which surprised me) but people called him a "Brock Clone" and stuff and called him bad names :< oh gawd. Unless they DUB IN Miyano's scream XDDDDD I haven't been watching the dub. I didn't want to get worked up about voices. I wish the dub would take a hiatus soon or something =/ they are catching up to the Japanese o.o Yeah that does make sense XD it does seem really popular, but Dawn/Ash seems to be the most popular on here =/ XDDD Yeah same here!!! I wish I knew what days it came on DX I probably would be too actually XD; but it would be funny to laugh at XD
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