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  • Here's the lulzy part: I had some at home XDDD but the thing is the movies that I go to has really cool salt stuff you can put on it (like cheddar, caramel, kettle) so I go there for that and my parents said they wouldn't bring me any XDD I don't HATE Disney Channel, I just don't watch it anymore XD the only show I watched on there was Lilo and Stitch actually XDDD but the Disney classic movies are great :) XDDD I have a habit of doing that sorry. I can compare that guy to anything DX

    XDDD Omg all I MENTIONED WAS FLIRTY, SEXY DENTO as a joke. You know, nothing to make a big deal about XDDD then it just snowballed XDD Lol I'm just wondering if we scared people away or dragged more into this ship xDD Dento is the anime's GOD. He walked on WATER XDD I swear they did that on purpose XDD Dento is the fishing god XDD Lolz I don't mind if Dento is overloved. Especially since people took to him rather mean at first and calling him names. XDD I watched the whole thing too. ShoPro probably loves that scene so keeps it up :p it hasn't been removed ANYWHERE XDD I applaud Miyano for that scream it's gonna suck in English XD I love that Wishful is pretty popular :D I honestly didn't think it was so much ^^ but it seems to have a very creative fanbase XDD It's going on 9, yes XD I'm going to crash I just know it XDD YES that's the show :D I love that show XDD people's stupidity/unpredictableness = MY HUMOR XDDD
    I'ma finish your message later. My parents took me to see a crude/dirty movie and I need brain soap XDDD ;_; If you're wondering why I went it was coz I wanted popcorn T_T I'm such a weird-o lololol. I'm listening to "A Whole New World" I gotta stop it, but Disney songs are addicting to me :D in some ways Aladdin's voice kind of sounds like Dento's english voice :D

    Page 46 oh gawd that's going to be INFAMOUS XDDD There should be. I remember when I thought PokeShippers/PearlShippers were insane...I was wrong it's the WishfulShippers and I started it DX oh well~ I never did either XDD We need to put Dento down a few notches, it's like he's GOD and Iris is just there. Here's the perfect medicine! :D I meant that most crack stuff happens in yaoi ships XD not main ships like these XDD Yes she DOES. It's like one of those things that the fandom sees but the writers don't :p Wishful is pretty popular in Japan right now ^^ judging by Pixiv so at least they like it too XDD She probably relishes it when he sparklez!! I could see her confess like Sapphire!! Yeah...but we didn't get to hear what they said xD I'd love to see Pod's reaction :3 Oh yeah...Iris is a part of WishfulShipping? XDDD jk jk I'm gonna, I'm gonna XDDD my hyperness is fading now and I just want to go to bed or watch AFV or something
    XDD I KNOW. We have to put a link for page 46 for crack day XDD to see how this all started. It's like the Dento fangirls took over for one night XDD It's kind of scary XDD I thought the Ash ships were the insane thread. I think we beat CafeMocha down already XDD I've never seen a main hetero pairing turn to crack like that before XDDD Oh yeah true. She likes it deep down. Well she must because how can you RESIST it. I don't get her logic DX Yeah I wonder that too, but it'd get annoying I'd imagine. They just keep in for Dento's real life fangirls XDD (I wanted to hear Pod and Corn's reaction to his "arrest" XDDD that would have been funny( Pfft I like the cracky Wishful one, but we don't know much about her. She died of a nosebleed xDDD Ah I see, c ya later~ OMG MAYBE. Honestly I have about 1 paragraph written of that, but i have it saved on a word document so I'll go back to it XDDD
    XDDD You are sooo punny XDDDD I love puns XD Omg we did. Ben_Pokemon just looked at it and his reaction was "Oh my god" XDDD Yup. We succeeded XDD OMG I did do that. It was 37 times (that includes replying to posts though to) I'd laugh if Iris went to his Gym (going by our anime Iris not our cracky wishfulshippy Iris XD) I could imagine her being embarrassed XDD Yeah I wonder why too. I guess they stick with Pod and Corn xD YES HE CAN.
    XDD Yeah ^^; I need to work at them, I generally reply to VM's first XD (ah I see DX I'm dead tired from last night AND the night before.) Yeah it probably will XDD The "sexiness of Dent" should be a meme XD Yes. It is a best seller. Dento should be a book writer. He'd make wonderful books XDD It's all Dento's sexiness fault XDD (I want to ctrl F that and find out how many times we used "sexy/sexiness" to describe Dento XD)
    XD True. I read your PM AFTER. I'm going to work on all of my PMs today (as well as my 6 page long chat with another friend, I'm very chatty I apologize XDDD) Omg I don't think I can take this ship seriously for a while XDDD T_T I know~ I'm going to try and come up with an answser for that last one that's not "the sexiness of Dent" we had the "Psycology of Dent" the sexiness just sounds better XDD
    It looks like that "troll person" (you know who that was) deleted their post and fled >:D the sorry yellow bellied CHICKEN.
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